Happy New Year, Lovers! 

Lovers is celebrating our 40th anniversary this year and we’re so grateful to get to share this momentous occasion with you! Every month this year, we’ll be focusing on a different facet of pleasure as part of a year-long conversation and celebration of 40 years of being your place for pleasure.

Our focus for January is Sexual Wellbeing

Sex·ual Well·being | noun: The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy... in bed! 

If the idea of sexual wellbeing appeals to you but you don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can ensure you’re at the top of your pleasure game for whatever 2021 brings! 

Ways to help you level up your sexual wellbeing:

  • Join us for Lovers Events. We have two exciting events happening in January that focus on setting yourself up for success in the sex and pleasure department this year. Check out our Events page for more information!
  • Set a pleasure intention for the year. It’s like a resolution, but more enjoyable. It can be related to trying something new (in or out of the bedroom) or challenging yourself to spend more time finding, learning, and/or enjoying more of what brings you true pleasure.
  • Check out our Sex Ed Saturday series on Instagram. Every weekend on the ‘gram, we cover interesting, important and diverse topics around sex and sexual health with leading sex educators and pleasure activists. Follow us on Instagram @LoversStores to be sure you don’t miss them!
  • Purge social media, texts, and phone contacts! Any account or person who makes you question your self-worth or sexiness needs to go! 
  • Service your sex toys, restock your lube and condoms - We can help with that! Servicing toys can include cleaning with toy cleaner, charging or replacing batteries, and tossing out toys that appear to be breaking down.
  • Schedule an annual exam with a healthcare provider and/or complete an at-home STI check (you can order these online now- they have become increasingly popular during the pandemic).
  • Establish a self-care routine...This can be anything from meditation to masturbation to establishing good work/life boundaries. Whatever helps you maintain the healthiest version of you!
  • MASTURBATE, of course! Get in touch with your body.
  • Start a sexual bucket list. This is a great way to be more intentional about your sexual wellness by creating a list of things you'd like to explore.
  • Consider a sex therapist or coach. Taking time to prioritize your sexuality and your thoughts and feelings around sex and intimacy is key to sexual wellbeing
  • Try a sexual wellness app like Kama or Lover- these apps are designed to improve how you experience love, sex, and intimacy through scientifically backed methods.

Reaching a state of sexual wellbeing is unique for every individual, and Lovers is committed to being your source of support, information, and quality products. Find a store near you with our Store Locator, find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok with our handle @LoversStores, and shop with us at www.loversstores.com

With Pleasure,