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After a year like 2021, let’s all agree that we have full permission to throw out all the old methods of getting by, of getting motivated, of grinding. This year, don’t make those overhyped New Year’s Resolutions that will probably stress you out and you won’t end up keeping anyway. Instead how about choosing some ‘Pleasure Intentions?'

Pleasure can be defined as a noun (the feeling of happy satisfaction or enjoyment); an adjective (used or intended for entertainment rather than business); or a verb (giving sexual enjoyment or satisfaction to). Pleasure is powerful! It makes us glad to be human and encourages us to keep facing the tough stuff, because we know we have the things that bring us pleasure to look forward to. Why aren’t we spending our time bringing more of that into our lives?! How can we do that?

Start with a Pleasure Intention!

This isn’t a resolution, so there’s no stress or competition in a pleasure intention. The “goal” is to enjoy the journey to pleasure; to be more mindful about seeking it out daily and noticing the joy it creates when you find it. It’s all about doing more of what makes you feel good! So how can you create some pleasure intentions for the year ahead? Start by asking yourself some fact-finding questions.


Should I Make a Pleasure Intention?

Go big here, list everything you can think of. (Examples: Hugging your partner, videos of animals doing cute things, time spent with your vibrator, spending time at the beach).


  • What are Some Things/Places/Moments That Bring You Pleasure?

  • What Pleasurable Things Would You like to Spend More Time Doing or Feeling this Year?

  • How Could Adding More Pleasure to your Day-to-Day Routine Improve your Quality of Life?

  • What is your Love Language?

  • What Brings you Unexpected Pleasure?

  • When was the Last Time you Noticed Something that Gave you Pleasure and Took a Moment to Appreciate It?

How to Set a Pleasure Intention

  1. Pick one thing that brings you pleasure (you can do this as many times as you like).

  2. Identify how often you currently get to interact with that thing and the pleasure it brings you.

  3. Think about how you could do that more often or simply be more aware of when you are feeling the pleasure that brings you.

  4. Sit quietly for a moment and set an intention to be fully present when that pleasure comes your way. 

  5. The most important part of setting a pleasure intention is really noticing pleasure when you’re feeling it and making choices that will bring you closer to pleasure in your daily life. When you’re in pleasure, say a little thank you for it. Gratitude is proven to make you happier and being happier is it’s own pleasure!

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