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I remember the first time I saw a chastity device in person. I was at  nude beach on a sunny day that fatefully turned gloomy. As the majority of beach-goers packed up their things and fled, I sat under the dark clouds, hopeful the sun would soon return. As the rain fell and crowds parted, I witnessed a group of “pups” (individuals who dress like and inhabit the headspace of canines) playing fetch on the beach. 

Each of them wore pup masks, harnesses and butt plug tails––typical garb for kinksters in the space. Something I’d never seen in person, however, were cock cages, and each pup wore one of a different design. One appeared to be a metal cage, another was plastic and transparent, and the other wooden. Since I’d taken an edible a few hours prior, I was deeply fascinated by these decorative cock holsters and needed to learn more. So let’s do that together, starting with their complicated history.


  1. The (False) History of Chastity Devices
  2. Why Do People Wear Chastity Devices?
  3. How to Find the Perfect Cock Cage
  4. 7 Tips for Erotic Chasity Play

The False History of Chastity Devices

The history of chastity devices is rife with falsehoods. As we’ve been led to believe, chastity belts originated during the Middle Ages (1300 to 1500) as a decidedly misogynistic device to ensure a woman’s virtue. In most iterations, they more or less resembled metal bikini bottoms secured by a padlock. 

However, this history produced no physical evidence since chastity devices existed as a joke that was expounded by influential male poets and artists, as there is no hardcore evidence that chastity belts actually existed during this time, according to Albrecht Classen, author of The Medieval Chastity Belt: A Myth-Making Process.

The truth is that the chastity belt is likely a 19th century invention, as part of the Gothic revival, a time when materials like iron and steel became more widely available and used to build modes of travel like railroads and bridges. During this time, a branch of savvy English manufacturers saw a market for chastity belts: museums. It turns out, crowds were willing to pay top dollar to get a look at an ancient device that likely never existed.

The Pen Cage, ($99.00)

For this reason, many chastity belts have since been removed from museum displays. The few still on display are exhibited with caveats, like the British Museum’s display that reads: “There is evidence for the existence of chastity belts from the beginning of the fifteenth century onwards…The evidence for their use in the Renaissance period, however, is largely anecdotal or in burlesque fiction.”

The first chastity device for people with penises was patented in 1870 to prevent individuals from masturbation as it was believed to be one of the most common causes of insanity and imbecility. The first ever cock cage, as we know them today, was patented in 1909 to prevent nocturnal emissions. 

Detained Soft Chastity Cage, ($24.00)

Needless to say, we’ve come a long way. These days, people wear them for a number of different erotic reasons, and I spoke with a few active enthusiasts for a personal take on their experiences with chastity.

Why Wear A Cock Cage?

From humiliation and orgasm denial to subservience and punishment, there are many different reasons people enjoy wearing cock cages. As I learned in the following interviews, the options for fun are only limited by your imagination.

“It started with a love of submissive/kink porn,” Ben, 32, begins. “I became curious and had a friend that was into cock cages and offered to let me try one of his. As soon as I put it on I was hooked. The fact that my kink was hidden from people during everyday life was a massive thrill for me.”

Ben fell so deeply that he now wears a cock cage 24/7, explaining the sensation “feels like this constant little squeeze.” 

However, he admits that wearing a cock cage full-time took years and 10 or so cages before finding his perfect fitting glass slipper. His biggest hurdles were being active in one and it not appearing obvious in settings where it isn’t appropriate. 

“My current cage (the KINK3D Cobra) isn’t an issue, it has a natural shape with a little bump on the top for the lock,” he says. “I can swim, run, and even get through TSA in it, since I travel a lot for work.”

He admits that wearing a cage full-time took years and 10 or so cages before finding his perfect fitting glass slipper. 

Ben ensures he cleans his cage daily and swears by coconut oil, which allows the cage to slide around comfortably, especially while he sleeps and wakes up with an erection. “The right cage will allow you to get semi-erect without pain and the wrong one will give you nightmares,” he warns. “I’ve been in a cage long enough that my body just knows to not get overly hard when caged.” 

Ryan, 30, is an “owned service sub” who discovered chastity while pursuing a domme/sub relationship with his wife. A fan of erotica, Ryan was always particularly drawn to FLR’s (female-led relationships) where he and his wife agreed to permanently lock him.

“The thing I love most about chastity is the mindset shift that instantly occurs when I put the cage on,” Ryan explains. “I’m a service sub to my Domme and chastity has allowed me a way to repurpose the energy I receive from orgasm denial and put it into being more productive in my relationship and as a person.”

Ryan’s wife holds the key to his cage, and only she can release him. “The sexual gratification to being allowed a release is incredible, especially after being denied for a long period like a week or longer,” he says. “What remains the most rewarding is that my Domme and I both get to experience it together and it makes our relationship that much more intense and passionate.”

Like Ryan, Joey, 32, gets turned on knowing how much harder and more intense his erection and orgasm will be once he’s unlocked. He also gets off showing images of his locked cock on an alternative Twitter account.

He admits peeing in a cage can be a tricky adjustment at first, and recommends sitting down and making sure your pee hole is lined up with the opening of the cage. If this happens naturally, it is usually a sign that you’ve found a proper-fitting cage. 

“I hold my cage and make sure I’m pointing down,” he explains. “A problem I’ve had is leaking pee after I’ve gone to the toilet, but a friend told me to get fingers under the shaft and gently squeeze it to make sure everything comes out.”

How To Measure For A Cock Cage

Finding a cock ring that fits is a delicate art. The goal being that it’s snug, but not uncomfortable and painful. It should be able to prevent erections without permanently cutting off blood flow to the penis.

You might want to start with a cock cage made from a more pliable material, like silicone or TPR. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional cage, it’s likely made from harder materials like metal, resin, and plastic. In this case, you’re best to start with some measurements:

Cock Ring 
Cut a thin strip of paper or a ribbon and wrap it around the base of the flaccid shaft and testicles. Do this right after a hot bath or shower, to account for the slight swelling that occurs. Next, mark where the ribbon/paper meet, unravel it and measure this space using a ruler. Divide this number by pi (3.14) to obtain the diameter, and find a cock ring that closely matches your measurement. 

Standing upright, place the edge of a ruler against your pubic bone, laying it flat across the top of your penis, and mark the measurement. When choosing a cage, subtract between ¼ inch and ½ inch from your measurement to ensure a tight fit, but still allow you to comfortably urinate.

When putting on a solid ring, lube up (some recommend shaving to prevent snags) and carefully place each individual testicle through the ring. Next, bend your flaccid penis downward, slipping it through, ensuring it is lined up with the urethral opening of the cage. Some ice or chilled water should temper any erections that may occur when securing the device.

Once it’s on, walk around for a few hours to get used to the feeling. Wiggle it around to familiarize yourself with the weight and go to the bathroom to ensure that you can comfortably pee with it on. 

Last Minute Tips

  • When starting, you don’t know if chastity is going to be for you, so start with something affordable, or a cage that gives you multiple rings to test out. Another idea would be to ask a like-minded friend if they have cages in your size to try before you buy.
  • Cock cages where the ring and cage are separate often secure a better fit compared to one piece slip-on devices.
  • You’re going to need a lot of patience. Allow yourself time to adjust and only wear one for a few hours (or less) to start.
  • The moment you feel numbness or see your genitals change color, remove the device and reassess the fit.
  • Keep spare keys close by. It might take away from the fantasy, but it’s for the best, since accidents happen. Like, say, you wake up in pain and your balls have turned purple and your keyholder doesn’t live with you. 
  • If you’re playing with a partner, make sure they’re reliable, know what they’re doing or are willing to learn everything there is to know to ensure a positive experience.
  • Account for the “scrotal gap” (the space between the front of the cock ring and the tube opening) since some testicles sit high and tight and might be tugged uncomfortably in a cock cage.
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