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Heaux on the Geaux
“Two’s Company, Three’s a Good Time” or Whatever They Said.
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Hey y’all! I bet you thought this was gonna be a convo about threesomes huh? Well it is! Sorta? The amazing folks at LOVERS sent me three awesome goodies to try; and boy oh boy did I have a good time! The three products were the Thick & Thrusts Bunny by EVOLVED, the Juicy G by LOVERS, & The Trifecta by EVOLVED. Let’s break each of these bad boys down & hopefully you lovelies find something worth your while!  


 Evolved Thick and Thrust Vibrator

First up, we’ve got the Thick & Thrust Bunny by EVOLVED. Now, I might be a tiny bit biased because I own a few EVOLVED products and really enjoy them! The Thick & Thrust is a dual motor, dual stimulation, vibrating rabbit with a lot of power. With those dual motors, you’ve got 40 vibration combinations! The shaft expands and extends (hence the name Thick & Thrust! -- wink wink hehe) and it’s waterproof!  

Now at first, I was a little bit hesitant to try a thrusting toy! The word ‘thrust’ is a little intimidating, but wow! The gentle expanding motion, combined with the rabbit clit stim!!! It felt like I was having a threesome of my own! The rabbit ears, coupled with a great water-based lubed mimicked the feeling of oral sex! I would recommend this toy for folks who are novices in the sex toy game & looking for something to spice up their solo sexy time!  



 Lovers Juicy G Dual Vibrator

Lovers Juicy G Dual Vibrator ($69.00)

Up next, we’ve got the Juicy G by LOVERS! This toy is a bit more mellow than the Thick & Thrust Bunny. Giving a funky ergonomic twist to the classic rabbit vibrator, the Juicy G is a dual motor, dual stimulation toy, like the previous one. The Juicy G has a nice, curved shaft that is perfectly designed to reach the G-Spot and a flexible, geometric version of the rabbit “ears”. This toy has 10 vibration functions, which is a little less than the Thick & Thrust. However, unlike the Thick & Thrust, this baby is fully bathtime ready! The Juicy G is not only waterproof, but submersible! Now, while this toy wasn’t my all-time fav, it got the job done! I would highly recommend this toy for folks who are beginners interested in dual stimulation, penetrative toys, & direct clit stimulation.  


Evolved Trifecta Vibrator

 Evolved Trifecta Vibrator ($99.00)

Last, but most certainly not least, the TRIFECTA! This toy is a bit more intense than the Juicy G and just as rumbly and vibey as the Thick & Thrust Bunny! The TRIFECTA is a triple, THAT’S RIGHT, triple stimulation vibe! Vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, and anal stimulation. Each motor has 10 speeds and functions, it's made of flexible silicone, and it's USB rechargeable!  

At first glance, I thought that this toy would be my absolute favorite- but alas, my coochie’s eyes were bigger than my stomach. LOL! I am personally, not a fan of anal beads, and this toy’s anal stimulation is a curved string of anal beads as opposed to a slender, insertable bulb. I would recommend this toy to the  adventurous vulva owner who wants to try something spicy!  


Overall, all of these toys were great in their own ways! I listed and described them in ranking order from my favorite to least favorite. I enjoyed the Thick & Thrust because of the intense vibrations and the fullness of the expanding shaft! I like the curvature of the Juicy G because it easily reached my G-Spot with minimal shifting! And I enjoyed the rumbly vibrations of the Trifecta along with the adventurous triple penetration!  

While I can say that all of these toys are the best ones on the market, these toy reviews can’t guarantee that they are the toy for you. What I can do, is give you an insight into what that experience was like for me -- so hopefully you can somewhat relate! As always lovelies, heaux responsibly & take good care! 



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