Whether it’s a new partner, or even a long-term partnership, it can be challenging to be vulnerable about what you want! Totally understandable. We live in a world where conversations around pleasure are often repressed or not thoroughly represented. Do you want to try something new, kinky or different with your partner? We are proud of you! We deserve to experience the full spectrum of our pleasure and sex toys are one of our favorite additions.

Having the first conversation may be the most difficult but the more you openly discuss your desires, the easier it becomes - we promise. Also, just like anything, your needs and desires will change over time! Below are five simple ways to introduce sex toys into your life.

Communication and Consent

Consent always comes first. We recommend timing the conversation around when you are in a non-intimate, neutral situation - this takes the pressure off and allows for a more comfortable conversation. We find it helpful to discuss how to explore experiences in the bedroom, while entirely outside of it. Sure, some awkwardness may arise during your conversation but this is completely normal. We also want to add: it’s only natural to have some hesitations and stigma around your partner “being enough.” We’d say that is healthy to change things up and use tools that can continue to connect your shared pleasure. 

Shop to Find Options Together

Explore together! With so many incredible options and varieties, the best way to find a sex toy that you both enjoy is to enjoy the shopping journey together. Whether you go in person or shop online, it not only helps you learn more about each other but it can also double as fun and sexy foreplay. Double win. 

Explore Each Other

The possibilities are endless with so many areas of the body to explore! It’s easy to stay focused exclusively on one erogenous zone but we’re here to remind you, there are so many options! Using sex toys that stimulate untapped erogenous zones can be incredibly erotic. 


Satisfyer Plugs
Satisfyer Anal Plug Set

Rechargeable Nipplettes
Rechargeable Nipplette Clamps

Lovers Ruby
Lovers Ruby Bullet

Go Remote

In our current world, connecting in person may not be a possibility. Lucky for all of us, the remote options are boundless! Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or there’s some space between you and your partner(s), remote sex toys can help you both stay present and connected. For more on this, check out our blog post on remote toys!

We-Vibe Chorus

Pheonix Neo
SVAKOM Pheonix

Bump Plus
Bump Plus Remote Anal Plug

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