• The Pen Cage

The Pen Cage

  • Caging the beast has never been more exciting. This chastity belt stokes sexual energy as you build the anticipation for your consenting sub's release. Whether you are putting that penis in timeout or life in prison, this elegant stainless steel chastity cage will assert your control and your partner's helplessness. Three different sizes of O-rings are included to find a comfortable fit. The most unique feature of this device, however, is the internal locking system. Insert the key into the brass keyhole and turn to straighten out the lock. The lock can then be inserted into the hinge. 

    Remember to use lube when preparing for this submissive play. Remember, while this is comfortable, it shouldn't be used days on end. And if you find yourself or your sub in discomfort or pain, stop playtime to avoid injury. 


    Ideal for advanced players
    Great for subs who enjoy more advanced chastity play
    Made of stainless steel
    O-rings measure: 1.5 in, 1.75 in, and 2 in
    Includes locking mechanism and 2 keys