• Lovers Power Starter Pump

Lovers Power Starter Pump

  • Overview:

    Watch your progress to bigger, harder erections! The Lovers Power Starter Pump is for users who desire to improve their erections or experience new sensations during playtime. Comfortably insert your penis into the pump chamber and keep complete control over the increased blood flow by using the pull handle to manually grow harder and thicker! For best results, use lubricant to create a smooth insertion, and enjoy the ride to increased satisfaction!


    • Great for players looking to increase their size
    • Ideal for those who have issues getting and maintaining an erection
    • Clear tube allows the user to watch their progress
    • Smooth silicone makes for a comfortable seal
    • Tube measures: 8.66 in x 2.71 in 
    • 5 year warranty

    How to use

    1) Insert flaccid penis into chamber and press back against groin for a better seal. 

    2) Slowly pump to increase the pressure inside the chamber. This will draw the blood into your penis for it to engorge

    3) When no more air comes out of the pump, you've reached the maximum pressure. Wait roughly 10 minutes, then release the pressure. Massage your penis afterward to help increase blood flow. 


    1) Shave your pubic hair to help create a better seal. 

    2) Put on a cock ring after a session to maintain your erection for intercourse immediately afterward. Do not leave the cock ring on for more than 30 minutes. 

    3) Measure! Tracking your growth before and afterward to help gain a sense of temporary gains and long-term positive impact.