Guest written by Colin Bedell (aka @queercosmos). Colin is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He is reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts.

 Virgo Season has us asking, “What do I have the power to do?”

Happy Virgo Season! The Sun finishes its stay in the peak of fixed fire of Leo on August 22nd and enters its Virgo until September 22nd. Virgo is the one and only mutable earth sign- and so the sign represents the most flexible form of the most grounded element of earth- which makes sense that Virgo Season holds the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. 

When we examine every zodiac sign through a lens of its modality and element, we can begin to understand it’s deeper meanings. So for Virgo- mutable is its modality and earth is its element- we can begin to understand what the next four weeks has on its itinerary for us. Mutable signs always follow a fixed sign. So Leo Season helps us focus on our self-esteem, grounded-confidence, and where, with whom, and why our hearts are emotionally engaged. Mutable Virgo wants us to take the courage of Leo and put it to good use towards building our readiness level and preparation for the lives we want to live. 

Mutable-earth Virgo is the sign that has the discernment to understand the routines, behaviors, and habits they need to choose in order to set up their lives to hold all they want to become.

Since fixed-fire Leo Season theoretically gave us a more generative sense of our power-within and who we want to be, Virgo Season has us asking, “What do I have the power to do?” Even Social Work literature helps us understand there’s power-within we need in order to then have power-to. Virgo Season is the power-to begin small changes that help us cultivate agency in our lives. Virgo Season helps us discern the behaviors, relationships, and habits that don’t support this newfound generative power. So we have to edit, audit, simplify, and take back the regulation of our inner and outer resources. That’s why “Virgo” is the virgin or maiden in Astrology. Since the highest expression of Virgo represents an archetype that set themself free from environmental demands, obligations, compliance, and, in a sense, the penetration of other people’s influence.

Moreover, Virgo Season has us optimizing our agency and autonomy through small decisions we can make that help us reclaim our time, energy, and inner/outer resources. It helps us consider how our morning rituals and routines especially help us ease into our lives with mindfulness and preparation. While building our readiness level to hold the personal, relational, and professional goals we’d like to manifest. It asks us to review how we’re stewarding what we already have before we rush to accumulate more and arrive or acquire without the stature to hold it. 

It’s exceptional how the invisible structures we cultivate in our lives create sustainable change. For further explanation of how to put the urgency of Virgo to use, I highly recommend James Clear’s  “Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones” for the manual on how our identity becomes a construction of the Virgoan habits we choose. 

And so now that we walked through Virgo as mutable earth, I want you to hold the central idea of developing the focus for discernment, habits, and behaviors in the horoscopes below! 

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Ground down, Aries! Virgo Season helps you operationalize the routines, habits, and strategies which optimize your readiness level for success. Think about removing the possibility of bad habits and make good habit choices front and center. The key is is be as proactive as possible. Work a little harder at making your life work so your life works for you beautifully!

What habits support your confidence, Taurus? Virgo Season instructs the power of routine, ritual, and habit to help you feel grounded on confidence. Whether it’s morning affirmations, visualization exercise, gratitude practice, and/or a little bit of cardiovascular movement, this month helps you choose the behaviors which support your self-esteem.

What is your heart telling you, Gemini? All things home, family, and emotional safety are Virgo Season’s themes for you. So you’ll want to get cozy, curious, and invested in what your contexts for belonging and belong with others means to you. Your emotional intelligence will be off the charts too; as you get specific about naming your feels to others.

Use your words, Cancer! Communication is key for Virgo Season. You’ll be tasked with using your words carefully, listening attentively to the words of others, and perceiving dialogue as critically and thoughtfully as possible. You’ll also be surrounded by new ideas that help create a vision of what’s possible for you as you apply all that you’re learning this month.

What do you value, Leo? Virgo Season helps you get clear on your clarity of values and all the ways you can put them into practice. It’ll help you confront ambiguity and the unknown a bit; since your values promote integrity driven behavior in real time. Which is a sure fire way to keep you safe. It’s also prime time for embodiment, sensuality, tranquility, and the calm you want. 

Happy Birthday, Virgo! This is your month to show the zodiac the best of your traits. Like your discernment, sense of humor, critical thinking, and all the little ways you show up for the people you love. Make sure you step back just a bit and let others love you as passionately as you show up for them. You’ll be so impressed by how your friends and lovers make you feel! 

A little sabbatical never hurt, Libra! Virgo Season is your downtime. Use this month to schedule less, commit to hardly anything but your own self-care, and have tough but necessary conversations with yourself. You’ll be reviewing the last year for habits, patterns, and people you may need to let go of in order to fully self-actualize into the person you want to become. 

Call your girls, Scorpio! After a month of productivity, you’re longing for deeper connection with your friends. You want to situate all the ways for mutual support, compassion, and empathy. You’ll also be considering how your strengths can serve political movements and all the ways you can impact major influence with your time, talents, and treasures.

You’re the MVP, Sag! Virgo Season takes your career to new heights. You’ll be showing us what you’re capable of as you see yourself as a leader however/wherever you are- because you are one! And if you’re thinking about starting a self-employment venture, this is definitely the month to do it. Wishing you many professional dreams coming true for you!

Back to school, Cap! This month is your most educational. Virgo Season helps you identify what you need to learn, experiment, and internalize. You’ll be feeling even more curious, willing to experience the unknown, and perhaps safely travel to new places in order to find the wisdom you’re seeking. May your adventures, education, and wisdom be a blessing on you!

What’s the big Truth, Aquarius? Virgo Season is not only your sexiest; it is also the moment when you confront the hidden emotions, cognitions, and vision you need to in order to continue living an authentic life. The shadow work can get messy but with Virgo’s critical analysis, you’ll be grounded in deep understanding so that you can receive the healing. 

Opposites do attract, Pisces! Virgo Season helps you see romance as a container of contradictions where you leverage your legitimacy in thinking with the liability in others. And vice versa! Their proclivities will clash against your vulnerabilities. If you this is an energy that needs to be leveraged rather than a problem that needs to be solved, Virgo Season will be your most romantic!