Guest written by Colin Bedell (aka @queercosmos). Colin is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He is reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts. 

Ready, set - stabilize! 

After a month in the first zodiac season, Aries, the zodiac takes the fires of Aries and grounds down into the earth of Taurus season from April 20th to May 20th. Now that we’re clear on our Aries energies- including wants, desires, and power-within, Taurus Season wants us to get clear on our values for both safety and pleasure. Is there a greater invitation to pleasure than knowing what we value, putting it into practice, and developing a life rich with meaning, security, and integrity? 

Taurus, as the zodiac’s steward of security and pleasure, is the one and only fixed earth sign. Ruled by Venus - the planet of relational intelligence, financial literacy, pleasure, and harmony - Taurus knows you cannot have meaningful relationships and the intimacy that follows without trust and security. And so with Taurus Season, we’re tasked with understanding our personal contexts for security so we can have pleasure and integrity around the values we’re invited to practice.

There are countless ways to explore Taurus Season and together I’d like to explore how we can center pleasure in the midst of a pandemic and the security we need to allow ourselves to soften into pleasure. The longer I work as an Astrologer, the more I realize how fearful we can be of our joy, pleasure, and power. I think this is a Taurus ruled consideration. We know how pain and pleasure are on the same continuum. And I think we know which side the dominant culture wants us to focus on. So I invite you to breathe through the fear of your own joy, pleasure, and passion and actively practice gratitude for the vulnerability of joy. The vulnerability of pleasure. Taurus has us transcending scarcity culture which wants us to double-down on the belief that we’re not enough. And so we get afraid of feeling enough to be in joy. Let yourself soften into the richness of pleasure, the uncertainty of it, and the depth by which it can create more meaning, resilience, and connection in your life. 

As we give ourselves the permission to get clear on our values, our willingness to lean in to joy, connection, and pleasure, we’ll develop the most enlightened version of security. Not hyper-vigilant, adrenaline based self-protection, but the knowing that part of the contract we make with life is the commitment to be all in on both love and loss, pain and pleasure, heartbreak and joy. We can be in it, all of it, together. 

Like we’ve discussed before in our time together, Astrology readers are aware that we are not just our sun sign. We all have our individualized Astrological story written from our birth date, time, and location and it holds the specificities of ascendant, planets, houses, aspects, and more. 

Our Natal Chart and all it possesses tells a story of what’s possible for each of us in this lifetime. Of the twelve houses in the chart, the one Taurus Season wants us to understand is house number two. Our second house rules our relationship to security and how once we know what gives us security, then we have a Taurus invitation to pleasure.

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Aries: Ground down, Aries! Embodied Taurus rules your second house of safety and so in order for you to feel safe, you’ll want to listen to the wisdom of your body. Check in with your nervous system, your sensuality, and the intelligence of your embodied self which is guiding you to approach or avoid. Strengthen your body’s accuracy with a morning embodiment routine! 

Taurus: Happy Birthday, Taurus! With chatty Gemini ruling your second house of security, you have to make sure you’re using your voice and talking with clear language about what you need in order to feel safe. For your birthday, give yourself the gift of wholeheartedness by initiating more conversations which center and prioritize the internal and external contexts for safety. 

Gemini: Your capacity for security can never be greater than your most accurate measure of self-acceptance, Gemini. With home-as-feeling Cancer ruling your second house of safety, you’re tasked with accepting all of your nuances, contradictions, challenges, and strengths. So that you can think, feel, and behave in real time from that foundation which guarantees your safety. 

Cancer: Reveal the feels, Cancer! With open-hearted Leo ruling your second house of security, you have to take off the armored shell and self-disclose your interior world for the highest level of safety. Vulnerability is scary and it sucks, but it’s also a prerequisite for life’s most meaningful moments. Align with your resilience and share the stories in your heart for meaningful security.  

Leo: “Both/and” please, Leo! With analytical and intelligent Virgo, your security is a function of incorporating as much “yes, and…” into your critical thinking. When you realize it’s not this-or-that, but it’s actually not-only-but-also, you’ll have access to all these new worlds, visions, and strategies open up to you. And it’ll strengthen the quality of your relationships too! 

Virgo: If it’s not mutual, don’t bother, Virgo! With reciprocity loving Libra ruling your second house of safety, you have to both ask for and look for evidence of mutuality for safety. People give different resources so just pay attention to how they’re giving their time, talents, and/or treasures to you. Stay firm on boundaries and/or give gratitude for mutuality when you see it! 

Libra: Trust is a big word, Libra! With Scorpio ruling your second house of safety, you’ll want to unpack what “Trust” means to you in both theory and practice. Rachel Botsman defines it as a “confident relationship with the unknown.” Unpack your relationship to Trust and to the unknown effectively so you can communicate carefully in real time when Trust is being betrayed or built. 

Scorpio: Where’s the space between what you know and what you want to know, Scorpio? With curious Sagittarius ruling your second house, you feel the safest when you’re learning what you need to know to make meaning and apply integrity in ambiguity. Avoid certainty and being a Knower. Lean on curiosity and being a learner; then watch inner peace and safety be yours. 

Sagittarius: A little emotion regulation goes a long way, Sag! With steady Capricorn ruling your second house of safety, you value emotional calm and tranquility. In moments of “upset”, as long as you and other don’t offload emotion, you can clean up any conflict. Reflect on ways to incorporate emotion regulation individually and relationally and why that keeps you safe! 

Capricorn: You’re a social seagoat, Capricorn! With community loving Aquarius ruling your second house of safety, you value your social world - friends, colleagues, and more - deeply. Nobody’s meant to do it alone; especially you. Remember to talk, learn, and demonstrate what it means to have a village of people supporting each other for resilience, health, and success. 

Aquarius: If it’s not spiritually secure, you don’t want it Aquarius! Soulful Pisces rules your second house and so you’re tasked with unlearning how the world values money, materialism, and status, and learning how love, peace, justice, and kindness keep you safe. You don’t mind not fitting in so stay focused on how you can cultivate soulful safety for meaningful pleasure. 

Pisces: Your desires are instructive, Pisces! Passionate Aries rules your second house of safety, so your desires, wants, and longings are clues that help you communicate and swim towards safety. Prioritize your autonomy a bit more so your desires can be louder than what other people want from you. Focus on who you want to be, what you want to do, and the results you want! 

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