Guest written by Colin Bedell (aka @queercosmos). Colin is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He is reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts. 

It’s getting darker and deeper here! When the Sun leaves crisp, lighthearted cardinal air Libra for the twilight, hidden, and esoteric realms of Scorpio on October 22nd until November 21st, it might as well be … Lovers’ official zodiac sign! 

Scorpio, as the fixed-water sign in the zodiac and co-ruled (depending on which school of Astrological thought you’re enrolled in!) by Mars and Pluto, wants us to understand the most meaningful dimensions of truth, what’s considered “esoteric” or hidden, personal growth, the erotic, intimacy (or “into-me-see” as reframed beautifully by Esther Perel) and our sexual desires. So you can see why Lovers is basically a Scorpio in my eyes! 

As we’ve discussed over the last three months now, our Natal Chart and all its intricacies tells a story of what’s possible for each of us in this lifetime. Of the twelve houses in the chart, Scorpio Season wants us to experience the deepest aspects of house number eight. I outlined the Eighth House Rulers of the zodiac here for you below - remember to check both your Sun and Rising sign for maximum texture - and take a deep breath before you dive into Scorpio waters. 

Unfairly maligned by surface-level Astrology, Scorpio energy is radically honest, searching for the Truth with a Capital “T” of the human experience. Scorpio wants to understand both its beauty and it's beast. The reason why both the joy and pain of life is connected to Scorpio is because life is both beautiful and heartbreaking. In order to understand the meaning of Scorpio, we need to know that life has a way of making us attend both birthdays and funerals. Since that “both/and” Truth is often ignored, Scorpio gets “banished” to the realm of evil, mysterious, and painful. Some of us love our pain more than our joy. Others love the joy and ignore the pain. Of course, Truth always has a way of winning. So even while we can attempt simplistic “either/or” thinking, Scorpio energy stops us in our tracks and points to what needs to be integrated, so we can live more meaningful, wholehearted, and loving lives.

On a personal level, your eighth house ruler here wants you to remember that - especially in a pandemic! - our sexual imagination and fantasy is never under lockdown. So I’ve written how the zodiac sign which rules your 8th house helps you experience Scorpio content of intimacy, sexuality, passion, and pleasure.


Play with power, Aries. Since Scorpio rules your 8th House, you’ll want to imagine claiming, surrendering, and/or playing with power dynamics throughout your sexual experiences. Experiment with a bit more surrender since you’re usually making boss moves throughout the day. Surrendering power is an act of Trust so connect your power dynamics with trustworthiness for max pleasure. 

Sex is your favorite adventure, Taurus! Your 8th House Ruler as Sagittarius wants you to innovate and play with novelty, imagination, exploration, and fantasy in your sexual encounters. You’re a sign that loves consistency, but you crave adventure when you’re wanting intimacy. So imagine what that looks like then make like the Centaur and speak it straight for straight understanding with partners!

You mean business, Gemini! Capricorn rules your 8th House so you don’t play games when it comes to sexuality. You can flirt and foreplay all day but the culmination of these acts means serious business to you. You’re looking for full-contact sexual pleasure with both the people and experiences that can contain your wellspring of stamina, curiosity, and ambition for the sexual results you’re deserving of!

Nerd with glasses, huh Cancer? Your 8th House is ruled by brilliant Aquarius so the single greatest aphrodisiac for you is intelligence. Learn more about your own erotic theories from sex educators. Then stylize your sexual experiences by beginning those moments with curiosity and mental chemistry. Ask open-ended questions and let their disclosure become the foreplay you’ve always wanted.

Sex is sacred, Leo. Pisces rules your 8th House so your erotic nature is divine; longing for a soulful connection with others that give rise to sexual experiences that frankly are not of this world. You know the ones! Own your wanting for the most meaningful, pleasurable sex and then make sure you’re mutualizing both the receiving of that soulful sex to the giving of it for heavenly harmony. 

Turn up the heat, Virgo! Since fiery Aries rules your 8th House, you want intimacy that’s embodied, passionate, and you want to feel wanted. You also want to want! Safeguard your autonomy so your desire can signal who raises the temperatures within your somatic responses. Follow the Ram’s lead and be very direct about who you want; but leave them wondering what you want to do with them! 

Indulge the senses, Libra! Aesthetic, decadent Taurus rules your 8th House so imagine your intimacy with more color, touch, scent, sound, and taste. This puts you back in your body since your airy nature is usually more cerebral. A little romance and classic courtship goes a long way for your intimacy. Make the act of “signaling” and foreplay a much longer experience to strengthen the vibe!
  Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Chatty Gemini rules your 8th House so play with both verbal and nonverbal language, communication to maximize the passion. From brief but loaded sexts to reading erotica, your way “in” to the sexual sphere is very mental and you’re turned on by both the words that are said with the words that aren’t. Then let your body do the listening and talking for peak pleasure!

Vulnerability IS your turn-on, Sag. Heartfelt Cancer rules your 8th House so of course a casual fling is always fun, yet your erotic zone craves more self-disclosure, heartfelt conversations, connection, and courage. When you feel like you “see” your sexual partners because they’re unarmored, that honesty turns you all the way on. Realness attracts realness after all, so initiate it to receive it! 

It’s all about the devotion, Capricorn. Leo rules your 8th House of intimacy and Leo loves to devote and feel devoted to. You want to feel special, chosen among many for pleasure while hoping your partners know how big of a deal it is for you to choose them. So have open-hearted conversations and enchanting, surprising experiences to accelerate your desire index in exceptional ways!

Foreplay starts at the end of the previous climax, Aquarius! With detail oriented Virgo ruling your 8th House, you get turned on by the small things before and after the grand finale. Especially with word choice and acts of service. You want your intimacy to feel healing, cleansing, purifying, so you’ll want to be mindful of your partners and mutually notice the small things for sexual insight. 


Win/win or no deal, Pisces. Since balance loving Libra rules your 8th House, you want the best of giving and taking. Notice those who prioritize reciprocity, romance, and harmony so you can let go with trust and experience the joy of both receiving and giving pleasure. You’re all about the mood too so stylize your space with details that give you permission for not only work but pleasure too!

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