Guest written by Colin Bedell (aka @queercosmos). Colin is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He is reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts. 

Happy Autumn! When Virgo Season’s summer becomes fall on September 22nd, the Sun entered Libra! So now we’ll be bringing our best selves to our relationships until October 22nd. Since we have the key learning of Virgo from the power of routine, health, mindfulness, organization, and simplicity, we are (theoretically of course) going and be gentle with ourselves and feeling like the best versions of who we want to be. 

So Libra Season wants us to bring that newly improved autonomy to our connections. And to all our relational dynamics - not just the romantic ones, but the platonic, and even professional. Like we’ve outlined before, Astrology lovers are aware that we are not just our sun sign. We all have an Astrological DNA story written from our birth date, time, and location and it holds the specificities of our moon sign, ascendant, planets, houses, aspects, and more.  

Our Natal Chart and all it possesses tells a story of what’s possible for each of us in this lifetime. Of the twelve houses in the chart, the one Libra Season wants us to connect to others across contrast is number seven. I outlined the Libra house rulers of the zodiac here for you to live from in order to take self-possession of Virgo into Libra’s relational domain. 

But first, a little on Libra! As the premiere cardinal-air sign and ruled by Venus, Libra wants to build a communication bridge across oppositions and contradictions. That’s what the Libra “scales” symbolizes; weighing two opposing forces as equal and/or finding the win/win in this world. Now more than ever, we’re realizing the dangers of self-sorting echo chambers where hardly anyone contrasts or disagrees. So Libra Season gives us the language and ability to actively listen to the polar opposite’s viewpoints so we can try to develop consensus and dissent. Here we’ll review how the ruler of your 7th House is the bridge to connection, mutuality, commitment, and growth.

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 Mars loves Venus, Aries! Since Aries-ruled “me” looks across to Libra-ruled “we”, we have our relationship with relationships. Libra rules your 7th House to help you compromise with as much passion as you have when going after what you want. You can celebrate your desires and own your wantings, but you’ll want to empower others who struggle to be so brave and encourage them to follow your lead!


Beauty and the beast, Taurus! You’re comfortable in joy and pleasure but the Scorpio ruled 7th House inspires you to go deeper, get resilient with discomfort, and face Scorpio Big Truths. Protected by your Taurus-ruled values in the Scorpio-ruled underworld, you’ll have the right tools to experience intimacy, eroticism, and transformation if you stay committed to the work.


Big picture, Gemini! Since Sagittarius rules your 7th House, you want to have a perception of romance that gives you comfortable distance, freedom, and connection all in one. With that big picture, you can calibrate and situate how to coexist those sometimes competing energies. Don’t worry about the “how” it’ll happen. Learn to love the vision and then live into the answer in your life.


 Water wants earth to grow, Cancer! With Capricorn as the ruler of your 7th House, you can pour your waters of love and belonging into Capricorn’s earthy structures of reliability and consistency, giving you the safety you deserve. Utilize a slow pace, discipline, and integrity as guidance to discern who has earned a close proximity to your tender heart before you give it away to undeserving bidders.


 Want a friend AND a lover, Leo? Your Aquarius ruled 7th House can give you just that. If you bring a friendship ethic to romance, the passion can build from there. Try not to let the passion and devotion guide you first. Lean on the respect, admiration, and fondness you have for potential romantic partners first, which builds a container to hold all the passion you’re ready and willing to give in beautiful flair!


Heaven is a place on Earth with you, Virgo! Since divine Pisces rules your 7th House, your analytics and intelligence can’t help you here! Trust that uncertainty needs faith and hope to be a helpful and honest access point to love. Some romantic experiences can’t be contextualized. Most just have to be experienced. So push aside certainty and understanding for Pisces’ gift of transcendence. 


 Love is a battlefield, Libra! Warrior Aries rules your 7th House which teaches you the value of direct communication, boundaries, and naming your desires, with the understanding that they can/will change. A little straight talk leading to straight understanding could help! Then protect your autonomy and your alone time to understand the who, what, where, when, and why of your desires.


 When does the shadow work end, Taurus? Pleasure loving Taurus rules your 7th House so you’ll want to remember to come out of the shadow regularly for love and belonging. I know joy and love are rare and unknown, so the fear and defensiveness can hijack your thinking. Try committing to softening into joy through actively practicing gratitude and regulate self-sabotaging thinking and behaviors.


 Love is built in small moments, often, Sag! Small-moment-loving Gemini rules your 7th House so you’ll want to pay attention to those small moments of communication, mutuality, and active-listening where love is explored. Try to translate the behavior you observed from potential/current partners into a personality trait you admire in order to help your lovers feel seen and known by you.


Vulnerability is your superpower, Capricorn! With emotionally exposing Cancer ruling your 7th House of relationships, you’ll want to remember that in order to access the relationships that determine the quality of your life - you have to actively soften into risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure. That’s the cost of admission! But your resilience and impulse control will be your lifeboat for this waters.


Love out loud, Aquarius! With courageous Leo as the ruler of your 7th House, you’ll want to try romantic, larger than life declarations of love to get your point across. Your emotions are deeply felt and so you’ll want to let your lovers into that story. Romantic gestures are never out of style so think about how you can express the meaning, joy, and power of what you feel when you feel it!


Practice AND profess love, Pisces. Acts of service-loving Virgo rules your 7th House which inspires you to walk your talk. Especially with small moments of appreciation and help to the people you love. How can you anticipate what they want and/or need and just flawlessly execute it? Stay mindful of the details and context clues for connection that helps you show up and help the ones you love.


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