Guest written by Colin Bedell (aka @queercosmos). Colin is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He is reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts. 

You've heard of horoscopes- but have you heard of pleasure-based sex-oscopes? Keep reading to learn what the stars have in store for you!

Lauded couples therapist Esther Perel asked her readers a few months ago, “Can we have pleasure in a pandemic?” And we (plus Esther!) all agreed - absolutely!

Astrology supports this choice too. So I’ve partnered with Lovers to help you understand your signs’s pleasure principle. Leo Season - the Royal sign which rules an active participation with pleasure - starts on Wednesday July 22nd until August 22nd. And for the next four weeks, we’ll be asked to explore our joys, pleasures, creativities, and how we consciously engage in self-disclosure. In other words, no perfectionism, control, avoidance, distraction. 

Most of us know by now that we’re not just our sun sign. We’re an individualized, nuanced story of Astrology that’s told through our chart. Which represents the map of time; where the luminaries and all the planets were in the twelve zodiac signs at the moment we took our first breath. In that chart, we have twelve houses. Each house has specific content and a zodiac sign which rules it. The house that rules pleasure is the fifth. Below you’ll learn the pleasure story of your fifth house. You can read for both your sun and rising sign.

Leo season is all about pleasure and we’ve got you covered. Visit for everything you need to make the most of this season!


With Leo as the ruler of your pleasure, you’re the Queen of it! You know why, what, and who you want. Typically unapologetic and fearless to both ask for what you want and make it happen, you’re an inspiration to the zodiac by reminding us that life can still be enjoyed now. You also want to be valued, affirmed vocally, and given gratitude for your ability to create happiness and a little mischief. 


Since Virgo rules your pleasure zone, you’re not always the hedonist Astrology memes like to make you think you are. You want high-quality, impeccable things. And you’re willing to wait until you can savor it. You also love intelligent conversations. You always see the connection between pleasure and service. And you want to help people to be in pleasure because you know how much it helps them navigate these complex times resiliently. 


Nothing makes you happier than being around the people you love with Libra as the ruler of your pleasure principle. As the sign of the twins, you’re more relational than you’re given credit for. You’re happiest when you’re with your favorite people surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere. You want to be in mutual, harmonious, and peaceful relationships that are supportive, compassionate, and empathetic. 



Vulnerability + Intimacy = Cancer’s Pleasure. With Scorpio ruling this zone, you want to mutually go deep to really get to know the emotions, hopes, and fears of others. You’re happiest when you’re seen, known, and safe while returning the honor to others. You want to be told the highs and lows of Truth and explore the deepest dimensions of the human experiences with people you trust and admire. 




Happy Birthday, your highness! Can you bring a new perspective to familiar places, Leo? With Sagittarius ruling your pleasure zone, it’s all about travel, vision, and wisdom. In a pandemic, you have to travel with new vision to familiar places to find things, people, and situations for joy that you may have overlooked. This is your zone of genius and you’ll be a teacher of the highest level to others. You want interest, curiosity, and exploration for pleasure while wanting others to want to explore your interior world too. 




Improving the “Self” - with Capricorn as the ruler of your pleasure - is a tremendous source of joy. You love learning about new ways of being. New ways of personhood. So that righteous being predates righteous action. And you love to work hard at becoming the person you’re capable of so all your ambitions become a reality. You want to be respected and celebrated for this work while surrounding yourself with others with shared values in order to help empower each other. 



What is “weird” anyway, Libra? With Aquarius ruling your pleasure zone, you have a fascination with fringe, the unknown, the strange and bizarre. So give yourself permission and self-accept that your joys aren’t status quo but you’re still allowed to make them happen. You also want to be around your friends and community more often than not. You want to be cherished and supported as a social facilitator and morale booster. 


 Pleasure is a generative and creative experience with Pisces as the ruler, Scorpio! You’ll want to realize that your creative potential and expression helps you manifest the right circumstances, events, and relationships. Make sure you’re giving yourself permission to explore your artistry and creativity regularly. There’s no such thing as a non-creative person FYI! And you want to utilize your creativity as a source for healing and forgiveness for self first and then you can give it to others. 


Autonomy, thy name is Sag! The independent Aries is the ruler of your pleasure principle. Which means you prefer to be alone, in the freedom and pleasure of your own company. When you’re there and have an inquiry into “What do I want? Why? Who do I want?” You have to be in healthy solitude in order to arrive at those answers. You want freedom, excitement, adventure, and passion. You’ll want to choose people who give you that comfortable distance so you can safeguard your autonomy. 


With Taurus ruling your pleasure zone, Capricorn - you want to be in “the arts”. Capricorn doesn’t get the artistic credit it deserves, but I want you to surround yourself with music, movies, literature, cuisine, ambience, and even materiality to soften into the richness of pleasure. You thrive in moments and spaces that find joy in the beauty of artistic sensibilities. You want to be in those premiere spaces to experience the transcendence of the arts and share your love of it with others. 


Let’s talk about it, Aquarius! Chatty Gemini rules your pleasure zone so you’re always in joy in a meaningful dialogue. That furthers the shared understanding and deepened the questions so that trust and safety between the speaker and listeners is guaranteed. You love making other people feel known because of who they are and you hope to have others go a little out of their way to help you feel known too. You want conversations to create amazing awareness and experiences between you and your loved ones for joy. 




Happy homecoming, Pisces! Since Cancer rules your pleasure sector, you feel very happy when you’re with the people and places that remind you of home. You can express your pleasure when emotional safety is there and so you need to feel safe in order to fully let yourself go and be seen. You love being that shelter for others who could use a little tender, love, and care. And you want others to keep your heart safe so you can be the light in the room that helps heal the heart and soul.


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