Guest written by Colin Bedell (aka @queercosmos). Colin is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He is reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts. 

You. Better. Werk!
After a month of passionate curiosity, self-taught education, and meaningful discovery under Sagittarius Season, the Sun enters ambitious Capricorn on December 21st 2020 at 5:02am eastern until January 19th, 2021.

Capricorn, as the mythological Seagoat, the one and only cardinal earth sign; ruled by disciplined Saturn wants us to operationalize - such a Seagoat word! - the hope, vision, and education of the last month into inspired action. Like all cardinal signs, Capricorn wants us to take the first step towards initiating a goal. Which, frankly - could be argued as the hardest step, right? That’s precisely why Capricorn helps align us with our: strengths, resilience, empathy, and perseverance because we’re adults who can do hard things!

It’s important here to situate Capricorn’s symbolism as the Seagoat. The half-fish, half-goat mountain climber. This is crucial because so often we simplify the meaning of the half-goat only and locate Capricorn’s ambition, work-ethic, and discipline. But that’s not the whole Seagoat story! The fish tail of the Capricorn gives the sign - and the entire zodiac during its zodiac season! - the emotional underpinnings that motivate our goals.

So much of why we want to accomplish goals and “mountainclimb” in our life is because of our emotional love of something. A passion or desire to be of service to others. That’s ambition and success in the most enlightened Seagoat sense. And In order to understand how Capricorn achieves, we have to understand their emotional motivations and this month inspires us to locate the feelings that inspire righteous actions.

Like we’ve discussed before in our time together, Astrology readers are aware that we are not just our sun sign. We all have our individualized Astrological story written from our birth date, time, and location and it holds the specificities of ascendant, planets, houses, aspects, and more.

Our Natal Chart and all it possesses tells a story of what’s possible for each of us in this lifetime. Of the twelve houses in the chart, the one Capricorn Season wants us to understand is house number ten. It’s also referred to as the Midheaven. The section of the chart at the very top; the closest to our divine inspired soul purpose. The mountain we’re invited to climb. I outlined the Capricorn house rulers of the zodiac here for you begin the journey that starts with the first step.

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You’re the boss, Aries! With Capricorn as the ruler of your 10th House, your leadership skills and potential for self-employment is legendary. Brene Brown defines a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for developing the potential of others. You can so beautifully hold space for the brilliance of others which is why others want to see you in positions of soulful leadership!
You’re a team player, Taurus! With social Aquarius governing your 10th House, the quality of your career success is born of how connected you are to your colleagues. You’re a morale booster, an engaged member of a team, and willing to rise to the occasion impeccably. Contribute humanitarian principle and socially conscious ideas to work for powerful results!
You got soul, Gemini! Pisces rules your 10th house and so your spirituality helps you achieve your purpose. “Spirituality” is the path of the heart so follow the inner wisdom and check how it helps you work in service to the healing of others. Creativity, innovation, and the arts are also your domain so don’t be afraid to show your artistic side along with your left-brain genius!


Work from home, Cancer? Autonomous Aries rules your 10th House and so you’re more productive, happy, and resilient when you work by yourself. You’re a self-generator on the job - so you’d make an excellent heart-lead entrepreneur ! - and you’d like to feel empowered to contribute effectively while of course helping others feel that they too can stand in their power!


Are you working your values, Leo? With Taurus as the ruler of your 10th House, you want your work to be a reflection of your core values to generate safety, beauty, and inner-peace. Clarify your two to three values and review your work to see if they’re operationalized. Always return to your values as instructive codes of behavior for you to have the highest success.

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What’s the 411, Virgo? Intelligent Gemini rules your 10th House, so you’re the leading writer, communicator, presenter because you can disseminate the critical information to people who need to hear it. Push aside perfectionism and trying to “be” right isn’t essential. You’re the messenger! Honor that role and share what you’re learning with those around you for success.


What’s the “Why?”, Libra? Emotionally intelligent Cancer rules your 10th House, so you want to put your heart where your work is. You can work beautifully in fields connected to: home, birth, reproduction, therapy, and other healing modalities. You want your work feel like home, coworkers to feel like family, and you want to cultivate meaningful connections there.


You’re a star, Scorpio! Charismatic Leo rules your 10th House rules so you’re captivating. With others noticing you and your worthiness, you want to use that influence in service towards advancing the social causes you’re passionate about. Don’t be afraid to shine and self-disclose your thinking, hopes, and vision for powerful results that lift you up!


Strategy’s key, Sagittarius! With Virgo ruling your 10th House so you’re an astute thinker, analyzer, and you notice the key-details that help your work efficiently. You’re also a gifted communicator! And a lifelong student. So let your curiosity, vision, ideas, and research interests guide you to providing people with the helpful intelligence they need to thrive.


You’re a connector, Capricorn! Relational Libra rules your 10th House so remember your relationships are crucial for success. Everyone knows you’re competent which is why you can be maverick at times. Don’t forget to connect meaningfully with others. It’s the quality of your relational intelligence that determine the outcome of your professional aspirations!


Go deep, Aquarius! With investigative Scorpio ruling your 10th House, you have a shrewd mind for psychology, intimacy, and sexuality. Which are fields you’d professionally thrive in! You also values authenticity, transparency, and healing. Since you’re not afraid of complex issues and you can communicate the nuances to people who need your robust vocabulary.


Work from anywhere, Pisces? Freedom loving Sagittarius rules your 10th House, so you want to the flexibility to create your own schedule and career. Think of fields in academics, travel, and entrepreneurship too so you can contribute your creativity while feeling like you have the freedom to do what you want, where you want, how you want to. You deserve it all and more!
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