Guest written by Colin Bedell (aka @queercosmos). Colin is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He is reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts. 

And let us begin again!

After a month of Pisces Season - the zodiac’s grand finale! - which started on February 18th, the zodiac is completing a deep dive into Neptune’s waters. We are more emotionally astute, agile, clear on what existential things need to be both surrendered and completed through experiencing grief and trauma-treatment. And so with the power of completion, we are given the chance to start anew when the Sun enters the first sign in zodiac Aries on March 20th until April 19th.

Aries, as the zodiac’s reigning champion, the one and only cardinal fire sign, is ruled by passionate Mars and wants us to understand how we are given the promise of new life and life force when we explore “Desire”. I love how Esther Perel frames “Desire” as “owning the wanting.” And so this Aries Season helps us explore our relationship to owning the wanting, naming, and pursuing it too; so that in the fires of Aries, we are given the power to begin again.

There are countless ways to explore Aries Season and so I want us to focus on not just “Desire” but “Eros” too. The ancients looked at “Eros” as life-force, radiance, and an enthusiasm so charismatic, it created a space for deeper intimacy. So Aries Season is an instructive month for anyone involved in sexuality, sex-tech, sexual education. With that in mind, I want to acknowledge that for many reasons and often though external political, cultural, and family systems of oppression and surveillance, our relationship to desire and eros is a complex one. And I would suggest Aries Season as a month for us to explore where our desires and eros were instructed to be dangerous, forbidden, sinful, etc and the subconscious implications we have around it.

As we give ourselves the space, permission, to own our socio-cultural stories on desire and eroticism, I think we can then begin reframing Aries Season through the lens of trauma-recovery too. And ways we can conspire with Aries themes which provide with the invitation to step seeing desire as power-within, as freedom, as autonomy.

Like we’ve discussed before in our time together, Astrology readers are aware that we are not just our sun sign. We all have our individualized Astrological story written from our birth date, time, and location and it holds the specificities of ascendant, planets, houses, aspects, and more.

Our Natal Chart and all it possesses tells a story of what’s possible for each of us in this lifetime. Of the twelve houses in the chart, the one Aires Season wants us to understand is house number one. Our first house rules our relationship to wanting and how when we present our desires to the world, we are given Aries ruled independence.

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Happy Birthday, Aries! This month is all about you - as it should be! - and all about what it means to experience desire and power-within from a place of worthiness and autonomy. With Aries ruling you first house, you take the lead and initiate new ways of being, thinking, feeling, and relating from your heart’s intelligence, passions, and life force. Thank you for inspiring us!

What’s the pleasure-principle, Taurus? With Taurus ruling your first house, your connection to desire is deeply embodied, grounded, and yearning for pleasure. Especially aesthetic beauty. Give yourself permission to want the vibe, ambience, sound, scent, and touch to be just right in order for you to show up as self-accepted and empowered as possible.

Own the desires and name them, Gemini? With communicative Gemini ruling your first house, your relationship to desire is curious, verbal, and outspoken. You also love listening to the desires of others, too. It’s tricky to be clear about what, who, and why we want things; but your elegant communication is disarming and very easy to give a full body “Yes!” to!

There’s no place like home, Cancer! With empathetic Cancer ruling your first house, your emotional safety instruct your relationship to desire. Discern what you’re feeling under the desire for inspiration. Let yourself evolve in desire too because they wax, wane, and have intermittent eclipses; so be adaptable, and patience with yourself as you frame “wanting”.

Take up your space, Leo! With charismatic Leo ruling your first house, your relationship to desire is on full volume and technicolor. Wonderful! Self-disclose bravely from your heart through courage - the act of telling the story in your heart! - the who, where, what, when and why of wanting. People will be so inspired by your fearlessness and follow your lead.

Observe first, Virgo. With analytical Virgo ruling your first house, your relationship to desire is blend of passion and logic. Remember to apply your best observations to “wanting” while remembering that sometimes desire and reason butt heads. Give yourself permission to be a bit messy, contradictory, but honest and vulnerable in your relationship to desire!

Longing for connection, Libra? With relational Libra as the ruler of your first house, your relationship to desire is prioritized with interpersonal mutuality. You genuinely want to give pleasure thus receive it. And just remember to safeguard your autonomy so that you can understand your desires free from responsibility, compliance, and duty. You're so loved!

It’s all in the imagination, Scorpio! With probing Scorpio as the ruler of your first house, you know that desire is a feeling, yearning, longing; born from the imagination. Let yourself fantasize, imagine, anticipate, and feel your desires without invitation, shame, or apology. Your fantasies are the homeland of desire; may all your fantasies be both explored and realized!


Bon voyage, Sag! With explorative Sagittarius as the ruler of your first house, your relationship to desire wants to be discovered and experienced beyond familiarity and predictability. Let yourself “travel” in literature, on plans, in the stories of others to know who you want to be, what you want to do, and the kind of powerful results you want to have expressed!

You’re the boss, Cap! With leadership oriented Capricorn ruling your first house, your relationship to desire is ambitious and centered on you becoming the best version of yourself. Which is never a waste of time! Remember to balance your desire framework with the permission for play, more pleasure, and the space to just “be” rather than always “do”.

Did you transcend desire, Aquarius? Hardly! With illuminating Aquarius ruling your first house, your relationship to desire is private, not of this world, and in an extraterrestrial dimension all its own. Give yourself permission to “want”! You’re allowed to indulge in the pleasures of what it means to be human and explore your erotic and provocative fantasies!


Treat yourself, Pisces! With soulful Pisces ruling your first house, your relationship to desire is divine - literally. You’re so good at pouring into others yet not always letting others pour into you. So remember that your desire is receptive, interpersonal, and nourishing when you allow yourself to be the benefactor of care, support, empathy, pleasure, and power.

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