Guest written by Colin Bedell (aka @queercosmos). Colin is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He is reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts. 

After an illuminating and heart-centered Leo Season (July 22-August 23), the zodiac has brought us closer to understanding our desires and what gives us pleasure, who gives us joy, where you/we can claim it, as well as how and why. Now that we have that learning of/from Leo Season, Virgo Season asks us to live from that learning. It’s one thing to “know” - points to head - what gives you joy and it’s other to know “know” - points to heart - because you’ve made the journey from pleasure-as-an-abstract-intellectual-thought to pleasure-as-embedded-in-your-emotional-software.
Like we covered in our first horoscope on Leo Season, Astrology lovers are aware that we are not just our sun sign. We all have an Astrological DNA story written from our birth date, time, and location and it holds the specificities of our moon sign, ascendant, planets, houses, aspects, and more. Our chart and all it holds creates a vision of what’s possible for each of us in this lifetime. Of the twelve houses in the chart, the one that Virgo Season wants us to live from to embody pleasure is number six. I outlined the sixth house rulers of the zodiac here for you to live from in order to take the pleasure principle of Leo into Virgo’s wisdom of the body.
Before we go there, let’s review Virgo! As the one and only mutable-earth sign and ruled by Mercury, Virgo are often strivers for excellence, passionate students of sexual health, brilliant thinkers, impeccable communicators, and often deliver with a shrewd sense of humor. Virgo people prioritize both productivity and pleasure. Their season takes place in the midst of the “Back To School” convocation and I think the optimism and the organization of this process is the Virgo style we know, admire, and love. What Virgo teaches us through dialogue and/or demonstration is - “...your life works when you work at making your life work so work it, baby - you’re worth it!”
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So now let us work the content of our sixth houses by outlining how the ruler of your sixth house shines some light on the morning details and rituals you can participate in to embody pleasure.

Nobody knows the power of “health as wealth” quite like you, Aries! Since Virgo rules your sixth house, you intuitively understand the power of habit and routine. Virgo as a cognitive sign wants you to dedicate focused time in the morning towards improving the quality of your mental health through: meditation, affirmation, mindfulness, etc. With the right attitude, you’ll ram to new altitudes!

Beauty and pleasure is good for your health, Taurus! Libra rules your sixth house so you’ll want to center your embodiment on surrounding yourself with aesthetics - color, materiality, sense, sound, all of it. You’ll want to focus too on the people you love because Libra is relational more than anything else. Look at pictures of your loved ones, with the candle burning, and the soft music playing!  

Go deeper, Gemini! Scorpio, as the ruler of your sixth house, wants you to have a strategy that helps you psychologically heal by taking your mind to the deepest places. Reflect on subconscious triggers, responses to regulate those stressors, and how you can proactively protect your intelligence. Balance that with focusing on your intimate and sexual desires so it radiates off you!

 Let your imagination run wild, Cancer! With the ruler of your sixth house being Sagittarius, try to focus optimistically on excitement, wonder, and travel. How far you go to imagine what your life could be outside of your predictable comfort zone gives you the foundation to pursue it when you’re ready. Try an affirmation exercise that habitually helps you concentrate on love and optimism.

You’re grounded, Leo! Just kidding. Capricorn, as the ruler of your sixth house, wants to ground you in earthy sensuality, calm, and peaceful tranquility, so you can have an integrity-driven quality of mind. Experiment with breathwork, guided meditations, and/or goal visualizations to help you feel like you have a handle on the finish line of your dreams because you’re grounded on the specific goals.

Happy Birthday, Virgo! Since innovative Aquarius rules your sixth house, you’re open to disruptive, rule-breaking, alternative, and inclusive strategies for personal-development. From EFT tapping, ice-cold baths, and other experimental ideas, you’re allowed to apply new modalities that help you optimize both your state of being and your state of doing. May all your birthday wishes come true! 

 Your mornings are sacred, Libra. Esoteric Pisces rules your sixth house, so work with universal spiritual themes like forgiveness, mercy, peace, and creativity. This will lead you to create a little more heaven on earth; where you go as you search for evidence to support your and others’ innocence rather than their guilt. This focus is disarming, sacred, and immediately transformative in your days.  

Get your blood pumping, Scorpio! Cardiovascular Aries rules your sixth house so you’ll want to get the energy moving as soon as your feet touch the ground. Since emotion is an embodied experience, you’ll want to be physical as soon as possible. Let your powerful emotions be at home within your body and that integration will direct you to all life’s pleasures.

Before you explore, you want security, Sagittarius. Taurus rules your sixth house and you’ll want to claim a strong sense of security through moving slowly, deliberately, and in touch with your bodily senses. As you find the anchor within, it’ll give you the desire to pursue new horizons with freedom because you gave yourself the gift of feeling security and belonging to yourself first.

 Curiosity is key, Capricorn! Gemini rules your sixth house and so your love of learning and taking your curiosities to exciting places makes you feel like you spent your time wisely. The mind is most impressionable to new ideas in the morning to let your curiosities receive new impressions of helpful, joyful, healing, and powerful ideas through literature, audiobooks, and other educational platforms. 

“Emotionally detached”, Aquarius? No way! With Cancer ruling your sixth house, you’ll want to focus on the quality of your emotional health. Think about what you do that makes you feel good and then do it as soon as you wake up!. Whether that’s music, gratitude journaling, comedic activities, etc. Nourish your heart with the emotional experiences that make you feel loved, safe, and in joy.

Fill your own cup, Pisces! Leo rules your sixth house and as the zodiac’s healer, this rulership reminds you that you cannot give what you do not have. You cannot fill from an empty cup. Focus on worthiness, building confidence, and self-esteem securing activities that help you feel empowered to do the meaningful work of showing up for the healing of others that you were born to do. 

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