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Everyone is a beginner at some point.

We know it can feel daunting to be a newbie when it comes to sex toys so we pulled together this round up of the best sex toys for beginners in our best-selling categories.

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1. What to Look for in a Beginner Sex Toy
2. The Best Beginner External Toys of 2022
3. The Best Beginner Internal Toys of 2022
4. The Best Beginner Penis Toys of 2022
5. The Best Beginner Kink Toys of 2022

What to Look for in a Beginner Sex Toy

If you are new, or just beginning to explore to sex toys, you may want to try a variety of different products. Here are some things you might consider, while shopping for your first sex toy:

  • Few or Simple Buttons
  • A Variety of Settings or Speeds

  • Body-Safe Materials (eg. Silicone, Glass, Steel, etc.)

  • Waterproof or Submersible Exteriors

  • Easy Grip Devices

Five Questions to Consider:

  • Does the toy feel natural in my hand?

  • Will the toy reach all my 'parts?'

  • Is the toy flexible/long/small/abstract enough for my tastes?

  • Will the toy fit between me and my partner?

  • Will the toy remain charged throughout the duration of my use?

The Best Beginner External Sex Toys of 2022

Starlet 3.0, $79.00

Womanizer products are always a huge hit. Contactless (thanks to air pulse technology, the air touches your clitoris but nothing else), discreet, rechargeable, waterproof, easy to fit between bodies- this toy is truly smart sex tech.


Lovers Ruby Bullet, $54.00

A Lovers Exclusive product, the Ruby Bullet is a perfect toy to start with. Easy to use, waterproof, discreet, and easy to fit between bodies, the Ruby bullet is a non-threatening vibe perfect for first-time users.

A Lovers Exclusive, the Lovers Wonder Wand is a powerful but petite sex toy for everybody and every body. Discreet, rumbly, and offering double-ended stimulation through it's slim vibrating handle- the Lovers Wonder Wand is a cult favorite.

The Best Beginner Internal Sex Toys of 2022

Yummy Sunshine, $62.00

It makes you happy just looking at it so imagine what it can do when you use it! Flexible (this toy is able to fit a variety of anatomies), body-safe materials, and easy buttons- the Yummy Sunshine features a built-in toggle handle for seamless control.

Romp Jazz, $40.00

The Romp Jazz is a rechargeable, rabbit vibrator with six settings and four patterns. The powerful, and rumbly sex toy can be submerged underwater or held between partners to mix things up!

Lovers x Fun Factory Semilino, $90.00

The Fun Factory x Lovers Semilino Vibrator is one of our favorite products to recommend to beginners. This powerful, petite, body-safe vibrator, is enhanced with nine delicious rings of texture. Perfect for reaching the G-spot, the Semilino is the optimal length for discovering new pleasures. 

The Best Beginner Penis Toys of 2022

Voy Stroker, $99.00

You dictate how tight you want the Voy to hold you. Discreet, easy to use, and easy to clean, the Voy is a manual stroker with a built-in tightening mechanism that allows you to find the perfect fit.

Manta Stroker, $140.00

A versatile and unique toy- the Manta is a vibrating penis stroker made from body-safe silicone. The easy to use and clean stoker is loved by couples around the world, for its ambiguous and user friendly design.

ROMP Juke Ring, $25.00

Believe us, you want a cock ring. These performance enhancing rings are designed to improve endurance and extend your love making sessions. The Romp Juke ring also vibrates, to add a tantalizing layer of sensation to your play. Powerful, body-safe materials, waterproof, and easy to use.

The Best Beginner Kink Toys of 2022

Flirt Blindfold, $10.50

Every beginner needs one of these in their collection! The Flirt Blindfold is an instant classic- featuring a stretchy, elastic band designed to fit most heads. Add a blindfold to any encounter to heighten sensation and awaken the senses.


Now it’s getting interesting. They may look advanced, but this set is a best seller for beginners! Portable and easy to use- the special edition bed restraint system features six points of restraint, and four lush black and gold cuffs. Place this restraint underneath your mattress to disguise this at-home sex furniture piece.

A staple for every bedroom, the Liberator Wedge is the perfect sex position pillow for beginners. This classic shape is perfect for elevating the hips for sex positions like cunnilingus and doggie style. Fluid-resistant materials and a machine washable slip make clean up a breeze with all of Liberators stackable positioning pillows.

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