Written by ‘Gangsta Gurry’ or Gary D. McCrear, an educator, writer, and healer based out of Brooklyn, NY. He uses tarot as a tool for self-actualization and reflection in his day-to-day life and in the lives of others to help further educate his communities.

October Overview

Welcome to the month of October! This month is slated to be a month of new beginnings and wonderful new opportunities to try new things from a different state of awareness. The external world has called for a purge of outdated systems and old ways of belief, and this is mirroring what is going with us internally. Finding ourselves deep in the midst of Libra season at this time, we are heavily focused on the themes of harmony and balance throughout the first half of the month. How are you finding opportunities to speak up for yourself and what it is that you’re wanting out of your life, whether in a romantic or not? What do you ~truly desire~ at this time of the year and how can you feel comfortable asserting yourself where you need to? The Full Moon on October 1st came through and set the stage for us to release all that was holding us back. We had a Libra New Moon happen on October 16th that helped you to connect deeper in the themes of pleasure and balance in what you need, and the Full Moon happening on Halloween of this year (the second of this month!) will help solidify all the lessons we learned. When it comes to pleasure, we are refurbishing the way we feel complete and taking back control of the narrative we want to bring into our romantic relationships. 

During the back half of October when we transit into Scorpio season, all bets are off! Scorpio energy from my perspective is all about self-transformation. You’ll feel sexier, more connected to your personal desires and able to embody different aspects of yourself that you may not have felt comfortable with doing before. The transmutation of stagnant energy that doesn’t resonate anymore will become easier to let go of. This time of the year is connected to the development finally coming to fruition and feeling grounded in sharing different aspects of the self. What are a few things that you can incorporate into your routines to help you find more joy and pleasure into your actions? Are you allowing yourself to be opened up in more ways than one?

Now that we’ve laid the framework for what’s to come this month, let’s hop into the tarot to see how we can embody our best selves and lean into our desires throughout the month.


How do we practice pleasure in the month of October?


Tarot Draw

The Tea: Four of Cups (RX) | Four of Wands | Page of Pentacles | Three of Swords | Ten of Wands


Four of Cups (RX)

Where have you been feeling lack in your sex life in the past, and how have you made space to talk about it with your partners/companions?

Four Of Cups

This doesn’t have to just be related to sex - this could be related to any areas where you have been feeling ‘less than’ as of recent. The Four of Cups shows up here to represent someone who doesn’t believe that they are worthy of making changes, or that change can happen. You may be worried that you’ll never be able to manifest the love of your life, or connect with someone who is going to be able to understand what it is that makes you truly feel sexy. And truly feel seen. The vibration from this card as our start asks you to push yourself to recognize your wants and needs when it comes to being taken care of physically and emotionally.


Four of Wands

As we continue to go throughout the month, the Four of Wands represents connection with your community. Do you talk to them about what turns you on? Do you share space with other people around you who are like-minded who can help you start to figure out what’s been missing in your life? How do the people you find yourself spending time with reflect your innermost desires?

Four Of Wands

This is a time where you may also start recognizing the people who affirm their love for you in public. There’s a certain manner in which you enjoy sharing affection with people in your life and with your communities, and this time of the year is all about being comfortable enough to ask for these components of you to be valued by others. Celebrate! You’ll start feeling ambitious and forward enough to put your money where your mouth is!  


Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles arises and refers to someone who is ambitious, consistent, grounded and loyal. Is this energy representative of where you are currently, or where you are working towards being? Does this refer to someone else around you?

Page of Pentacles

Have some fun and share in the passion with this person, and don’t get stuck in old habits of working on things! This is the time to shake it up! In the third week of October, you are being gently nudged to pay attention to how things are put into action by both parties.


Three of Swords

Now, as you start to learn more about what makes you ~feel good~ and how you can incorporate some new energy into your Spooky Season, this also means you have to close the door on some things that do not fulfill your spirit in the same way that they used to.

Three of Swords

That’s not going to be easy at all - the 3 of Swords comes out and this typically represents heartbreak, break-up, and separation of some sort. It could also signify needing to take a moment to step back from the things that you THOUGHT were going to provide you with joy and peace and re-evaluating them. This doesn’t have to be a person specifically - it could be a frame of mind, an action/state of being that you don’t really gel with anymore and you’re starting to realize this now. This could also point to a third party to a relationship that is bringing trouble into the atmosphere...which you don’t deserve or need! Cut that mess out of your life and take a moment to decide whether or not this measures up to your idea of what it means to be taken care of and really loved.


Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands comes up as a sign to pay attention to who and what has been holding you back. You’re finally ready to move on and get rid of the pressure that’s holding you back from pleasure, but in what way does that mean?

Ten of Wands

I see this as you potentially having a little situation you’ve been working to get yourself out of and now the light bulb in your head has gone off. Scorpio season will have popped off by this point, and you’ll be willing to clap back where necessary. It’s time to fully reinvent yourself and how you move forward. Everyone needs to focus on themselves before they can focus on finding a partner. Take care of yourself. How are you getting the help and the clarity you need to push forward with your own personal desires, especially when it comes to love and romantic topics? 

Overall, this spooky season seems like it’s encouraging us to go inward and process what it is that we truly want and release what doesn’t feel like it’s a proper fit anymore. This could provide you with the clarity that you need in order to have the relationships you so desire.


A Few Key Actions to Take

  1. Make sure to communicate as openly as possible about what you’re feeling!!! Mercury went retrograde in Scorpio on October 13th and transits into Libra before stationing direct on November 3rd. Keep it 100% about what turns you on, or what’s turning you off.
  2. Be thoughtful of what you share with others, and how it’s received! This isn’t a time to purse your lips and be quiet.
  3. Try something brand new out! Whether it’s incorporating toys, a new supplement, or just a new environment to take things to the next level!


With Pleasure,


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