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Welcome to the Lovers Artist Series: Valentine’s Day Edition! We’re so excited to be bringing this project back for the second time in 2022 and we’ve made some exciting changes that we hope will inspire you to connect with those you hold dear, feel the power that art has on all of us, and give back to those who really need it.

Similar to our Lovers Artist Series: Pride Edition in 2021, the Lovers Artist Series: Valentine’s Day Edition features the commissioned work of five visual artists, but this time we had these talented folks illustrate gorgeous greeting cards!

In 2022, we’re centering the celebration of all the many forms of connection, and we commissioned this diverse group to create illustrations that make these special cards into limited edition works of art. The art that graces the front of these cards captures visually what “connection” feels like and the varied ways we show others (and ourselves) that we care. 

We created the Lovers Artist Series: Valentine’s Day Edition to amplify the work of inspiring and transformative artists. This series takes a fresh look at all the ways we love and expands on the idea that showing love on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be relegated to only a partner or lover.

At Lovers, we’re committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces for all people, which is why all proceeds from the sale of these cards will be donated to six non-profit organizations that support survivors of domestic violence. We’ve also committed to donating an extra $500 dollars to each of the organizations to further their invaluable work.

Choose gifts that give back this Valentine’s Day- for a limited time, you have the chance to show your support for the arts and make an impact in the lives of survivors of domestic violence AND save 28% on your purchase by pre-ordering a pack that includes all 5 cards!

This special offer is only good for ordering the 5-card pack. Be the first to own these beautiful pieces and know you made a difference!

About the Artists

  • Sawako Kabuki is a freelance animation director and illustrator who splits her time between Japan and the U.S. Her Valentine print, Appreciate You, was inspired by the sensation of a partnered orgasm, and the way our bodies sometimes express orgasmic energy in surprising ways.
  • Alessandra Sian is a visual artist and graphic designer based in Vancouver, Canada, who finds inspiration in vintage illustrations and modern topography. Her Valentine print, You're My Favorite Thing to Do, combines her love of vintage qualities with her take on the fun and cheeky side of Valentine’s Day.
  • Sofie Birkin is a queer, British artist based in Denver, Colorado, who aims to empower others with her contemporary and playful illustrations. Their Valentine print, Strap On Love, depicts a beautiful, encounter that highlights the intimacy and eroticism of Queer sex.
  • Kelly Nichols is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who uses bold colors and unapologetic patterns for her whimsical storytelling. Her Valentine print, Bound to Love You, is inspired by the level of trust and security that is involved in BDSM & restraint play.
  • Stevie Shao is an illustrator and muralist based in Seattle, Washington, who is inspired by plants, animals, and folk art.  Her Valentine print, We Vibe Together, takes inspiration from the organic, free flowing forms of sex toys and the idea that love both holds us and pushes us forward.

Connect on many levels this Valentine’s Day and choose gifts that give back! Order your cards now!

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