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Southern cities are known for their hospitality and Memphis, Tennessee, is no stranger to drawing folks in with all it has to offer! You can find captivating history, incredible food, an upbeat nightlife, and some of the world’s most innovative sex toys at the center of this bustling city.

Sex toys can be used to add excitement and vibrancy to your personal sex life. In Memphis, there are a variety of different sex shops that you can visit to purchase vibrators, lubricants, lingerie, and BDSM products from. Whether you are shopping for a personal massager, an unusual souvenir, or an erotic gift- our Memphis Lovers locations have everything you need to begin exploring your body.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular lubricants, BDSM products, and adult toys in Memphis to help you locate the ultimate keepsake. Start your collection today and discover the lubes, dildos, and vibrators loved by locals!


  1. Memphis' Favorite Vibrators
  2. Memphis' Top Dildos
  3. Memphis' Most Loved Lubricants
  4. The Best Adult Stores in Memphis

Memphis' Most Popular Vibrators

Nearly 69% of female-identifying individuals in the US and 54% of male-identifying individuals in the US report having used a vibrator. Public interest in vibrating sex toys has piqued, and with good reason! Vibrators are a wonderful way to enhance sexual encounters, improve confidence in the bedroom, and deepen partnered connections.

Whether you’re looking for a small and discreet sex toy, or a one-touch control VIP experience, Memphis has the best vibrating sex toys to choose from. Take a look at what Memphis locals are storing in their nightstands, below.

Fun Factory Booty Fem

The Bootie Fem by Fun Factory does double time in the stimulation department since it's designed to provide pleasure both anally and vaginally. When inserted into your butt, the lovely tulip shape applies pleasure against the vaginal canal increasing sensation during penetrative play. The asymmetrical flared base ensures safe wearing but won't block the vaginal opening so everything remains for all types of intimacy. Perfect for beginners and experts alike!

Evolved Triple Teaser
, $110.00

This Memphis-design inspired vibrator is a triple threat of pleasure. Three powerful motors, one in each bulge, work together to activate all of your nerve endings with a variety of vibrations patterns and intensity levels. Use the ring handle for a solid grip that's easy to maneuver and keep ahold of, while the flexible body of the vibrator moves with you to ensure you get the pressure you want where you want it. The Triple Teaser is waterproof and submersible, so you can play anywhere.

Playboy Pleasure Solo Stroker
, $148.00

An erotic twist on self-pleasure, it’s easy to be blown away by the power of Solo. This innovative stroker features a soft, textured channel with a spiral motion and 7 sucking and tightening speeds that combine stimulation and compression for intense satisfaction. Take solo play to the next level with vibration from a second motor in the channel. Enjoy unique sensations, a customizable fit, and powerful orgasms - no partner required.

Memphis' Most Popular Dildos

Memphis has long been known for its sultry heat and soulful disposition, so it’s no surprise that Memphis residents love dildos that center sensual pleasure and unforgettable experiences.. From double-ended dildos, to harness-free strap-on’s, Memphis locals have accumulated a vast collection of interesting and novel dildos to choose from! These versatile, suction cup, sex toys allow for portable pleasure- perfect for your next travel adventure to the east coast.

Love Thrust Sex Machine
, $139.00

This is NOT the sex machine your mom and dad had. This compact and portable thruster can be affixed to any smooth, flat surface, for assisted penetration. The six inch, vibrating dildo can expand a full inch and a half as it penetrates your favorite erogenous zones. Crafted from body safe silicone, with an ergonomic grip handle- this sleek and modern sex machine puts classics, like the Sybian to shame!

“Tennessee is known for its whiskey, its music, and its appreciation for getting the job done! The Love Thrust Sex Machine is always a hit in our Tennessee stores.” Said an associate from one of our Memphis Lovers locations.

The pleasure reverberates with Bouncer by Fun Factory. This girthy strap on dildo contains rumbling, weighted balls that roll up and down inside the shaft, providing deeper, more organic sensations than the buzz of vibration. Whether you love it slow and steady or hard and fast, the Bouncer offers a consistent motion for more controlled and powerful orgasms. Compatible with most harnesses, anal safe, and waterproof, the thin base lets you get closer to your partner for more intimacy while you play.

Dildoll's Fantasia Dildo
, $52.00

From the Dilldolls collection, the Fantasia feels as luxurious as it looks. 7 inches of beautiful pastel silicone offers innovative design and a whole lot of cheer. It even glows in the dark! The strong suction cup base allows you to play anywhere. Enjoy vagina or anal play with the Fantasia.

Memphis' Most Loved Lubes

Lubricant is an essential ingredient to any pleasure experience- helping to prevent tears, burning, and irritation. Whether you are stimulating yourself externally, having sex with a partner, or penetrating yourself with a sex toy, lube can add comfort to your sexual experience. 

In Memphis, lubricant and toy cleaner is a popular add-on to many people’s sex toy purchases, because it can help to preserve and expand the life expectancy of your sex toy. Choose from water-based, silicone, hybrid, and flavored lubes to find the perfect moisturizing blend for you and your sex toy, below.

Lovers 4oz Water-Based Lubricant
, $24.50

Lovers Water-Based Lube is the best product for supplementing your body's natural lubrication. Lovers Lube contains only six ingredients, for a natural, body-safe, and non-sticky glide. Apply a desired about of lubricant to yourself, a partner, or a favorite sex toy to enhance sensation, improve comfort, reduce friction, and prevent microtears. There is no need to play guessing games with Lovers Lube, this product is compatible with silicone, rubber, latex, and polyisoprene for worry-free application. 

"Lovers water-based lube is a MUST for any sexual wellness kit, it gives a wonderful glide, without getting sticky," a Lovers sales associate explains, "The thin formula matches the PH of the vagina and allows for a comfortable and stimulating experience!"

Intimate Earth 4oz Melt Glide
, $19.50

Intimate Earth Melt is a warming glide that contains Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark. This naturally-derived warming ingredient is the perfect option for people with allergies or sensitivities to lubricants who are looking to add sensation to their erotic encounters. Melts unique formula warms the skin on contact through natural-derived glycerine and the Cinnamomum extract, with a delicious cinnamon flavor, ideal for oral sex.

La Nua 3.38oz Honey Vanilla Flavored Lube
, $26.00

La Nua Lube is more than lubricant, it's a luxurious treat for all your senses. Naturally flavored and delicious, this water-based formula tastes like a decadent mixture of honey and vanilla and is safe to use anywhere on your body and to ingest.  It moisturizes your most intimate areas and balances pH with antimicrobial ingredients. The gorgeous and sustainable bottle adds a lux look to this already high-quality product.

The Best Adult Shops in Memphis

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  2. Lovers in Coleman, Memphis
  3. Lovers in Cordova, Tennessee

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