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Valentine’s Day is approaching and we are so excited to launch the Lovers Artists Series: Valentine's Day Edition! We have commissioned the work of five visual artists to celebrate all the many forms of love and connection. The result? Illustrations in the form of special greeting cards. The art that graces the front of these cards captures visually what “connection” feels like and the varied ways we show others (and ourselves) that we care. Gentle reminder: writing letters and looking at all the ways we love does not need to be only for a partner or a lover.


  1. The History of Love Letters
  2. How Handwritten Notes Impact Us
  3. How to Write a Love Letter
  4. Love Letter Prompts
    1. For a Lover
    2. For a Friend

The History of Love Letters

The sentiment of sharing emotions through writing dates back to the Bible’s Song of Solomon. It then became more popular during the Roman Empire, most notably done by Cicero and others who affectionately wrote letters to their wives. It then became a form of literature during the Renaissance, as a way to express love and communicate compliments throughout the court. Love letters became more charming, humorous, and intellectual as history progressed and took on more of an art form until the evolution and development of recent technology (i.e. emails and text messages)!

While nowadays we can communicate with computers, phones, emails, and more, the sentiment that the written word possesses remains! Also, unlike a digital rendering, a physical keepsake is more meaningful, especially seeing the person’s handwriting in real life.

How Handwritten Notes Affect Our Psychology 

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There is just something really special about a handwritten note. So much more personal than an email and more thoughtful than a text, a card is an artifact that people can hold onto for all of time! Receiving a card not only evokes feeling respected, appreciated, and seen, but also makes the writer of that card feel the same. 

How to Write a Love Letter

    1. You don’t need to be Shakespeare. Write from the heart!
    2. First write the letter on a separate piece of paper to get all your thoughts out, then edit!
    3. Create a structure to your letter. A simple who, what, where, why, and how can communicate so much:
  • Why: you are writing them this letter
  • What: you love about them
  • Where: your favorite memories & experiences took place
  • How: and in what ways they have impacted your life
  • Who: you are, signing off with a sweet phrase

The Best Love Letter Prompts

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Utilize the structure above to create your very own love letter! Using descriptive words and pet names can make your love letter feel personalized to the recipient. See some examples below of how you can write a great Valentine for a friend or lover:

For a Lover:
Keep It Sexy

  • Opening Your Letter:
        • To My Love
        • To the Sexiest Person I Know
        • Hey Baby, Sexy, Hottie, etc.
        • Dear (Nickname/Pet Name)
  • Phrases / Adjectives to Include
      • You’re so incredible
      • You make me feel so special 
      • You always make me feel so good
      • You’re the hottest, funniest, sexiest, etc.

    For a Friend: 
    Keep It Fun

  • Opening Your Letter:
        • To My Best Friend
        • To the Best Person I Know
        • To My Soul Friend
        • Dear (Nickname)
  • Phrases/Adjectives to Include
      • You’re always there for me
      • You’re the most loyal, kind, genuine, etc. friend
      • You’re my favorite person to spend time with 

    If the above phrases doesn’t fully resonate with you, consider answering some of these questions to add to your letter!

    • What do you love about this person?
    • What is your favorite memory/ experience with this person?
    • How have they impacted your life? 
    • What is your favorite thing to do with them?
    • What is your favorite thing about them?

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    Show your support for the arts and advocate for survivors of domestic violence by purchasing your Valentine’s Day cards at Lovers. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations that support survivors of domestic violence. Learn more about the Lovers Artist Series or shop the presale Valentine card bundle for the ultimate Valentine cards! 

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