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Valentine’s Day is coming…are you?

No matter the day or the occasion, we think you should! Staying in the know on great trends, classic techniques, and fascinating findings about the human body and its ability to generate something as glorious as orgasms is always a good idea! Read on for five great tips to help you climax faster and easier than Pete Davidson can convince another pop culture princess to date him.

  1. Start a Slow Burn.
    Orgasms happen when you are fully aroused, which can take more time than people often think. Start the arousal process before you even get to the bedroom with some sensual selfies, sexting or flirty texting, a dirty comment whispered in the ear before dinner, a little erotica reading, whatever gets your juices flowing. This will add to the excitement and help prime your mind and body for pleasure, making it possible for your climax to show up sooner!

  2. Relax and Be in the Moment.
    Stress is the enemy of orgasms. Try not to think of sex and pleasure as a destination, but rather a journey to be enjoyed. Breathe deep, let go, and relax into the moment. Do your best to stay present with yourself and/or your partner. This increases the chance for not just pleasure and orgasms, but intimacy and connection as well.

  3. Do Your Kegels.
    Prepping your pelvic floor can lead to stronger and more frequent orgasms. Everyone can do and benefit from this exercise but it’s especially helpful for those with vaginas. Squeeze the muscles you use to hold in urine, hold for 2 seconds, then release them to strengthen and condition them for multiple orgasms
    . Try to do a few sets of 10-15 contractions each day. 

  4. Vary the Focus.
    Our bodies are made for pleasure so don’t hold back on stimulating multiple areas at the same time. Based on your preferences, change up the erogenous zones you focus on during foreplay and intercourse. Many people need dual stimulation to climax and building a blended orgasm can be powerful fun!

  5. Incorporate Sex Toys.
    You knew this one was coming, right? (Pun intended.) Sex toys can be a great way to bring new sensations and exciting ways to explore into your pleasure routine. Many sex toys even claim to bring you to orgasm in less than a few minutes! While we vote for always taking the long way home when it comes to sex, we also love helping folks find the toys that make them want to take the journey over and over and over again. This Valentine’s Day we hope you’ll come…to Lovers and find the perfect pleasure present for you, your boo, or your bestie.
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