Guest written by Missy Modell, a musical parody artist and activist focused on the intersection of social justice and pop culture. Missy is the founder of YES MAM Creative, a consultancy for mission-based brands. You can find Missy on Instagram at @missymodell.

You heard it here first: being single on Valentine’s Day is something to be celebrated! Just because you are not partnered, does not mean that you are any less worthy of passion or romance on this day. Despite cultural messaging that you need to receive a Valentine from someone else, let’s take the power back and become your OWN Valentine. 

While it’s completely normal and even healthy to feel a bit lonely, (because as humans we are wired to feel seen and heard by others), a mental reframe will make this holiday that much more fun and even sexy. We believe that feeling connected to yourself (partnered or not) has incredibly beneficial effects! Valentine’s Day celebrates universal love, which makes it the perfect time to celebrate yourself and indulge in your own self-love. You’re a human with feelings, so here are some ways to show some gratitude and enjoy yourself. 

Below are some of our favorite ways to spend Valentine’s Day solo.

  1. Take a Class on Something New. 
    If there’s something that you’ve always wanted to try, now is the perfect time to explore that! Romance yourself with some pottery, learning a new language, or even a cooking class! Focusing on yourself in this way and pumping that adrenaline with new skills is a wonderful moment to make yourself feel appreciated and loved. 

  2. Have a Dance Party.
    Get your heart racing in a different kind of way :) Put on your favorite playlist, and go full-out. You’re getting that dopamine burst and connecting to yourself and sensation in a new way. 

  3. Have your Own Empowering Photoshoot.
    With all of the lingerie sales, pick up something that makes you feel sexy and have a photoshoot for yourself! There’s no obligation to post or share it, just embrace your mind and body and enjoy feeling empowered. You’re hot.
  4. Write Yourself a Love Letter. 
    Show yourself some love! Schedule out time, get your favorite pen and paper, and indulge in the act of writing what you love about yourself.  Letting out your thoughts and emotions through writing can help enhance the intimacy that you have with yourself and make you feel more connected to your being. Some of our favorite prompts include:

    - Describe Five Things You are Grateful For
    - Describe Five Things You Love About Yourself
    - Describe Five Actions You Took That You're Proud Of
    - Describe A Time You Loved Being Alone & Why You Loved It
    - Write a Simple Steam of Consciousness

  5. Take a Vacation from Social Media.
    When celebrating you today, there’s no need to worry about what everyone else is up to! Take a vacation from your phone or social media apps and let yourself stay present and playful within your own life (friendly reminder that social media is not real).

  6. Give Love to Others Through Acts of Service. 
    Sometimes a sense of community is all you need to feel more love. Find a group or establishment in your neighborhood where you can volunteer and spread more love to others. Plus, giving back just feels good.

  7. Have Fun with Solo Exploration. 
    On the topic of romancing yourself, here’s a physical way to truly enhance your pleasure. Take yourself on a little self-pleasure date! Light a candle, put on your Chill Vibes Playlist, dim the lights, and explore the night away. 
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