When buying a dildo, have you ever asked yourself “what dildo density do I prefer?” No? When choosing a sex toy to heighten your pleasure, one thing to consider is its density. Dildo density can help you to determine the best shapes and materials to work with your body, rather then against it. To measure the density of a dildo, we use the numerical calculations of the Shore Durometer. This is a scale that describes how firm or soft something is. 

    • 00-20 through 00-50 is extremely soft. 
      • 00-20 is usually used only for penis masturbation sleeves
      • 00-30 is very soft for dildos, this density is often used for larger sized dildos to allow users to accommodate the size of the sex toy
      • 00-50 is a popular squishy firmness for fantasy dildos
      • 1A to 8A ranges from squishy to fairly soft.
      • 10A is soft for sex toys; 15A is starting to get firmer. 20A is somewhat hard, especially when used on sensitive erogenous zones.
      • 0A is soft too (in terms of industrial use); 40A is “medium soft”

Dildos are like a blank canvas that allow you to create a personalized pleasure experience. The unique thing about dildos is that they come in a variety of materials and shapes designed to provide different sensations. Some common materials used for dildos include dual density silicone, jelly, rubber, glass, and stainless steel. Today we will be discussing three of the most body-safe options: a single silicone pour, a dual density pour, and a glass blown alternative.

Dual Density Silicone dildos can feel both soft and hard, providing a realistic experience. These dildos contain two layers of silicone: a soft outer layer hugging a firm inner core. This allows the toy to bend and work with you while still being firm enough to provide adequate penetration. The duality makes for a lifelike sensation and is recommended for those with sensitive tissues.

Silicone dildos are squishier and more flexible, providing maximum comfort and stimulation. This texture tends to feel more realistic, and is less resistant to pressure and movement. If you plan to use this style of dildo for pegging, opt for a firm silicone. This will help the dildo support its weight as you stroke. If you or your partner enjoy size-able dildos, consider a softer silicone, which will flex for a comfortable entry.

Borosilicate Glass dildos are not as delicate as they sound. With a high density, you can enjoy your sexual experience without fear of it shattering. Due to its strong material, it’s good to start slow to avoid discomfort. A unique feature about this material is that it can also be used for temperature play! 

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Below are a few of our favorite dildos according to density:

Colours Firm 7" Dildo ($49)
If you are looking to take it to the next level, this 7" firm dildo delivers the size and stiffness you want. With a bulbous head and veined shaft, the texture both looks and feels incredible. The powerful suction cup bottom can be applied to any smooth, flat surface to allow you to experiment with self-insertion in multiple positions. This dildo is also great for use with a harness. Ideal for vaginal, oral, or anal insertion. Just add
plenty of lube and enjoy the ride!

Colours Realistic Dual Density Dildo ($34)
Soft like a lovers touch and strong enough to handle the most intense encounters. The platinum-grade silicone features a firm core with a soft and supple surface. The realistic shape has a bulbous head to give your G-spot the affection it deserves, with swelling veins for additional stimulation. 
These dildos have a suction cup base; affix to any flat, smooth surface and enjoy hands-free fun. Colours Dual Density Dildos come in 2 sizes (5-inch and 8-inch) and are featured in three different shades. 
Colours Wave 6" Soft Silicone Dildo ($32)
This harness compatible dildo is made of supple, soft silicone. Featuring a suction cup bottom this multi-purpose toy is designed to deliver in all positions. The distinct shape of this dildo both looks and feels fantastic. The bulbed end is angled and is excellent for G-spot and prostate play, with a slimmer profile then other models from this collection.


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