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Pulsators & Clitoral Suction Toys

Read About Pulsators & Clitoral Suction Toys

Want to dive a bit deeper into clitoral stimulation? We have curated the perfect selection for those looking for both self-pleasure and/or couples play.

Pulsators also known as air pulse toys, clitoral suction sex toys, or clitoral suction vibrators, are incredibly innovative sex toys that use air or suction instead of or in addition to vibration, making them great products for people who prefer indirect clitoral stimulation. Pulsators are ideal for beginners exploring clitoral stimulation, for people who have a difficult time achieving an orgasm, or for experts looking for a new pleasure sensation. Applying your favorite lubricant is always recommended to help create a friction-free seal against the body.  

Pulsators "pulse" out air while pumps create a suction vacuum. Inya Rose Vibrating Air Pulsator, the viral TikTok sensation, is a great option for first-time users.   Explore our collection and find your newest sex toy today!