• Voodoo Hemp Rope

Voodoo Hemp Rope

  • When you're ready to step up your rope play, add this to your BDSM pleasure chest. This Voodoo Hemp Rope is 100% natural hemp rope, perfect for practicing binding your partner. The construction of Voodoo's Hemp Bondage Rope makes this an ideal rope for testing your knotting skills, providing superior strength and control. Pair with a blindfold and let the scene begin!

    When playtime is over, give you sub a massage. Keep in mind to check on your sub during playtime to make sure they are enjoying it just as much as you are! Remind each other before playtime of the signals and safe words to use during the scene if you are uncomfortable with the activities. 


    Great for intermediate players to erotic experts
    100% Natural Hemp
    32 feet long
    Sturdy to hold knots, flexible enough to come undone
    Never leave a restrained partner alone