• Crazy Girl .4 Oz Pheromone Perfume Oil

Crazy Girl .4 Oz Pheromone Perfume Oil

  • Overview:

    Set the tone with Crazy Girl's collection of pheromone infused oils! The CG oil collection comes in three, delightful scents, designed to carry you from day to night. Built-in pheromone magnifiers interact with your natural pheromones to arouse and awaken the senses. The CG Oil collection has a wide through, allowing for scent to travel larger distances. Apply it to your pressure points on the neck, wrists, and chests to hold on to your scent all day long. Looking for something to enhance the setting? Try Crazy Girl's Pheromone Infused Misters.

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    Scent Profiles:

    • All Night Long: Soft Oriental Parfume with Pheromones
      Orange, Raspberry, Peony, Tropical Orchid, Lychee, Black Rose, 
      Sweet Amber, Caramel, Vanilla & Woody Amber
    • Turn Off the Lights: Floral Oriental Parfume with Pheromones
      Natural Mandarin, Fresh Bergamot, Melon, Pineapple,
      Tropical Coconut, Strawberry, Gardenia, Jasmine,
      Marine Accord, Sandalwood, Patchouli, & Sweet Amber
    • Head Over Heels: Fruity Floral Parfume with Pheromones
      Mandarin, Lemon, Sweet Osmanthus and Mimosa,
      Apple, Fresh Melon Accord, Sandalwood, Patchouli,
      & Sweet Amber


    • .4 Fluid Ounces per Container
    • Roller Ball Applicator
    • Available in 3x Scents: All Night Long, Turn Off the Lights,
      and Head Over Heels
    • Paraben Free
    • Mineral Oil Free
    • 100% Vegan

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