• Sex Marks the Spot

Sex Marks the Spot

  • Navigate your lover's pleasure map as they journey through yours. Sex Marks the Spot leads you and your partner though arousing paths till you both reach an orgasmic finish. With 180 erotic challenges, this thrilling game will lead you down new paths again and again!




    Great for date night
    Game includes:
      30x Forfeit Cards – 180 sexy challenges spread over 6 categories.
      30x Sex Cards – sexy scenarios for steamy in-game action!
      50x Score Sheets (in pad) – The key to your hidden pleasure!
      2x Sexcuse Me Cards – special tokens to avoid or reverse a sticky situation.
      4x ‘Sex It Up’ Markers – to create in-game portals of pleasure.
      1x Fold Out Game Board – the pleasure map to navigate your naughtiness.
      2x Playing Counters
      2x 8-Sided Dice
      1x How To Play Guide