• Medium Red Heart Gemstone Anal Plug

Medium Red Heart Gemstone Anal Plug

  • Overview:

    This anal plug is a twist on the classic gemstone plug, featuring an adorable red, crystal heart. Watch it sparkle and shine as it catches the light- a perfect way to accessorize your nether regions! The tapered tip slides in easily, while the slim stem holds your plug snuggly in place. Pair this plug with any of your favorite lubricants. After each use, wash with an anti-bacterial soap and warm water rinse.

    Four Ways to Play
    ☆ Place your plug in the vegetable crisper for thirty minutes for a chilling sensation ☆
    ☆ Place your plug in a bowl of warm water for a steamy play session ☆
    ☆ Place a small vibrator on the base of the plug to instantly add vibration internally ☆
    ☆ Keep your plug in place during intercourse for an extra filling sensation ☆


      • Aluminum
      • ABS Plastic Gemstone
      • 3.15 Inches x 1.34 Inches
      • Size Medium
      • Tapered Tip
      • Flared Base
      • Phthalate Free
      • Waterproof
      • Safe for Anal Penetration
      • Safe with any Lubricant

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