• Oh Baby Platinum For Him 1pk

Oh Baby Platinum For Him 1pk

  • Turn up the heat and keep it going all night long! The Oh Baby Platinum For Him is specially formulated for a harder erection and stronger orgasms. 


    Increases erectile strength
    Experience better orgasms
    Heightens arousal
    Erections last longer
    Great for those who experience erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation


    Tribulus-Terrestris 861mg
    Lyco-pene 801mg
    L-arinine 761mg
    Damiana Leaf 691mg
    Guarana 661mg
    Ginko 711mg
    Maca 657mg
    Vitamin B12 563mg
    Vitamin C 631mg
    Vitamin D3 563mg
    Zinc oxide 571mg
    Ginger 579mg

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