Happy Pride Month, Lovers!

As we head into June 2021, we are so excited to announce the Lovers Artist Series: Pride Edition.

The Lovers Artist Series will feature the commissioned work of 10 LGBTQIA+ visual artists. In celebration of Pride and pleasure, Lovers has commissioned this diverse group to create pieces of art that capture visually what “orgasm” feels like, looks like, and what it means to them.  


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What is Lovers Artist Series?

We created the Lovers Artist Series: Pride Edition to amplify the work of inspiring and transformative Queer artists, as well as to support non-profit organizations focused on serving the LGBTQIA+ community. At Lovers, we’re committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces for all people to be their authentic selves. This series will be provocative and allow for continued conversations around visibility, acceptance, and the complexity of pleasure and identity.

From June 14th, 2021 to June 20th, 2021, all 10 pieces will be live in our virtual gallery for viewing and voting! We are asking the public to help curate our first Artist Series collection and the 3 artists whose work inspires the most votes will be announced on June 25th, 2021. The selected artists will each receive an additional $1000 to further honor their work. 

Artist Series Non-Profits

Print replicas of the 3 chosen artists’ Orgasm art will be available to purchase on our website! All proceeds from the sale of the prints will go to Lambda Legal and APLA Health. You can own a piece of Orgasm Art while supporting the work of these important non-profits. 

Lovers is proud to support the work of Lamda Legal and APLA Health. 100% of proceeds after print costs from all Orgasm Art print sales will be donated equally between these organizations.

Lambda Legal is a 501(c)(3) national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people, and everyone living with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work.

APLA Health is a California-based organization committed to achieving health care equity and promoting the well-being of the LGBT and other underserved communities and people living with and affected by HIV.

Lovers has been a fearless leader of the sex positive and sexual wellness movement for over 40 years. With 41 stores nationwide, our central mission is to educate, empower, and inspire people to celebrate their pleasure. 


Artist Series Finalists

Alice Bigsby-Bye
: Norwich, United Kingdom

Alice is a queer, disabled, textile artist and illustrator. In their art, they work to represent marginalized bodies and uplift the voices of disabled, queer, and gender non-conforming people. Their inspiration for this piece came from real life photos submitted to them by friends and followers, showing themselves in relaxed poses to convey a comforting and happy representation of trans, queer, and disabled bodies.

An orgasm to me is not only a part of the pleasure experience but also something that comes about from the comfort to explore our bodies and have our needs and inclusions met.”

Caleb Boyles: Los Angeles, California

Caleb is a queer illustrator who enjoys working with simple shapes and uses his art to reflect that Pride lasts all year round for queer people. His piece was inspired by the intimacy that can be found in nature, as well as the soft, sensual connection that can exist between two men.

“[Orgasm] is a way to connect with my partner. It can show affection, love, and understanding in the way we communicate with one another during sex. It can also be just an in-the-moment thing that’s just supposed to cater to our needs or desires. Sex is whatever you want to make it.”

Jacq Francis: Brooklyn, New York

Jacq is an artist, comedian, actress, entrepreneur, and multidisciplinary sex symbol. Her piece is inspired by her fascination with a scene in the movie Fantasia where Greek gods shoot lightning from the heavens. It symbolizes the idea of being a goddess and striking the earth with pleasure, power, and electricity.

“[Orgasm is] thunderous applause from myself for myself (and perhaps to other romantic partners, but not necessarily).

Jenifer Prince
: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jenifer is an artist who uses her art to bring forward visual representations of current and historic lesbian narratives. Her work is a combination of mid-century comic aesthetics, crafted narratives and pop-culture references. This piece was inspired by the idea of an explosion of sensations, represented by the expression lines surrounding the two women.

“ [Orgasm is] one of the ways we can connect with someone and with ourselves.”

Denis Sdobnov
Shanghai, China

Denis is an illustrator originally from Russia, who draws on his own unique life experiences to create art that showcases both LGBTQ+ imagery and private sensual fantasy. This piece was inspired by the idea of saints and martyrs, celebrities and worship, throughout art history and into current day pop culture.

“There are different forms of orgasm to me. But the most accelerating orgasm should transcend the mere physical pleasures and reach a level of spirituality. It could be the moment when you reach the highest form of intimacy with your partner where two really becomes one or when you relentlessly discover the deepest spot in your body, that you start seeing stars dashing in front of your eyes.”

Sophie Birkin: Denver, Colorado

Sofie is a queer British artist. She creates art to empower others in underrepresented groups to see themselves as beautiful, through the use of bold and diverse characters in lively, contemporary illustrations. This piece was inspired by the intensity and intimacy of having an orgasm with a partner who listens and values consent.

“[Orgasm is] a moment of absolute peace with yourself.”

Betsey Falco: South Kesteven, United Kingdom

Betsy is a queer artist obsessed with all things cowboys, 70’s pop culture, and identity celebration. Their work showcases queer culture and gender expression through clashing colors and images of androgynous people. This piece was inspired by the idea of an orgasm being a completely inclusive experience, in that all people can identify with the feeling of pleasure.

“Orgasm to me means that I am both connected and disconnected simultaneously. There is no time where a person is more aware of their physical being whilst also feeling limitless within their bodies. It’s a contrast of so many things which makes it a kind of induced magic.”

Emma Wondra
: Portland, Oregon

Emma is a non-binary, unapologetically queer photographer. They work to create art that captures the normalization of all bodies and identities. They hope their work makes other humans feel seen. This piece was inspired by the comparison of an orgasm to a shaken up and opened soda can; a tingling sensation throughout the body and a sigh of satisfaction.

“An orgasm to me is a rush of energy that releases me. Through an orgasm, I leave this planet and all my thoughts behind. An orgasm, for me, is a chance to immerse myself in a delicious moment of nothingness while being connected to myself and my pleasure.

Mazahir Hussain
: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Mazahir is a South-Asian illustrator with a background in creative writing. Through his art, he works to create representation of brown bodies experiencing romantic love, and break the connection between body hair and sexual aggressiveness. This piece was inspired by the “afterglow” of sex as a dreamy limbo between sexual rush and coming back to real time.

“[Orgasm is] a cute bonus to two (or three, or seven!) people finding each other easy on the eyes.”

Genevieve Darling
Montreal, Canada

Genevieve is an illustrator who’s work is rooted in social justice, queer values, and authenticity through vulnerability and self-empowerment. She conveys these messages by invoking feelings of softness, connectedness, and the reclamation of space in her art. This piece was inspired by the feeling of being enveloped by powerful and gentle pleasure and connection with the natural world.

“Orgasms are a way to get in touch with my aliveness, desire is such a life-affirming force. The body-mind-soul connection that happens in orgasms, or special moments of sex, is spiritual in a way; I feel like I belong here, my pleasure is proof. I am back to a pure form of existing. I could as well be stardust or a flower blossoming, it’s all the same, I feel alive.”

The 3 pieces with the most votes will be announced on June 25th and prints will be available for sale on our website for a limited time.

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